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Furcadia is Dead

Furcadia is dead. And it's been dead for a long time, at least 4 years. Look at their statistics on the front page. This game has been around since the start of 1997. I spent at least 3 years in it. It helped improve my writing and imagination, it helped me meet my best friend and others I still talk to frequently, it was a nice, creative form of entertainment that ascended beyond mere point-and-click first-person-shooters.

And yet:
135162 characters connected this month
Max players ever: 4640

I'm going to make a lot of assumptions and guesses, based on things I've heard, read, and experienced. I wouldn't put 95% certainty on any of them but I'd be surprised if I was really far off the mark. This is why I classified this post as a rant and blog fodder.

Let's start with DEP's (Dragon's Eye Productions, the company/people behind Furcadia) business model (I may occasionally regress to a 'your' in this post, meant for DEP).

Business Model and Decisions


Let's do a simple cost-analysis of Furcadia, without going into hard numbers. (It is an analysis after all.)

The primary expense, above all else, is the cost to run the servers. I'm pretty sure this has been stated by the creators numerous times, and I know they all have jobs outside the company because the company doesn't let them live an American lifestyle by itself. The primary concern, then, should be optimizing for server cost.

Just what are they doing that makes it expensive to handle a mere 4000 people at at time, max? I'd be scared to look at their server architecture. If you're incompetent in this area, which it seems like it from the outside, hire a specialist to rewrite it from scratch, making use of Amazon or another elastic server provider so you can scale. (If only 1000 people are on, you don't need the resources that 4000 users might need.) The money spent on the specialist will pay for itself in server cost savings over not a very long time.

Consider P2P. The server issue is simple: data. (Though that doesn't make it easy.) There are two main things Furcadia needs to keep track of.

The first is per-client data, such as username, and various statistics. Much of this can be readable by anyone, some should remain private. Some should be writable by the user, some writable only by Furcadia's server. This set of data is fairly small it shouldn't be expensive in storage space or bandwidth.

The second is dream data. Here we have an impossible problem, in a certain sense. By default, all dream data is public. Most dream creators are happy just to have someone visit, let alone stay around. However there are always those desperately afraid of others taking their artwork or their DS and using them on their own projects, possibly even making money from it! DEP has chosen to cater to these people (probably because DEP's mindset is artist-based and artists typically get uppity about copyright), but it's an impossible problem. You can do all the fancy data encryption you want; at the end of the day, art is going to be displayed on the screen, and programmers can extract it. There are things you can do to make it harder for a programmer to extract the data: e.g. using a binary format instead of, say, JSON. Note though that screen scraping is the maximal difficulty you can achieve; you can't make it harder on the programmer than just grabbing the art off the screen as it's rendered. Programs have always existed to do this, and programs that not only do that but also make sense of the data are always improving and are quite sophisticated these days.

So this idea of hiding your data you're going to reveal in some form eventually is a fool's errand. The client is not secure and cannot be made secure. Accepting this, suddenly you can consider P2P, as just one example. Instead of forcing every user to download the dream from the official repository, let the user download it from people already in the dream (or who have visited the dream and are online) instead or in addition. This can make a huge dent in the required bandwidth of Furcadia servers. There are some security concerns but they're mostly trivial, the most controversial one is IP revealing which is why P2P sharing should be a default install option with the ability to turn it off at install time and any other time. There are also lots of free data-serving sources you could use as mirrors. The community can help a lot in this regard, too. Allow people to register their servers as dedicated mirrors of all public data, you don't even need P2P.

Furcadia's recent updates have been pumping out a lot of new artwork. This is good as it boosts choices in the Digo Market for in-game items, but at least double the work currently spent on art/design should be spent on programming. (In other companies the reverse is true, I don't mean to imply programmers are at the top always.)

Startup Failure

This is a great example of a failed startup that hasn't admitted it yet. Failing isn't a bad thing in a startup unless you can't admit it. The faster you fail, the faster you can move on to the next thing that may go big. 14 years is far too long. If you haven't made a lot of money from a project within 14 years, you're just not going to. Move on. Do the old project on the side if you have to or want to, but don't make it a major focus. It's just not profitable.

Furthermore, many startups avoid traps of angel funding by funding themselves. This can happen if you have rich founders, but it can also happen by "leveraging" (aka whoring) you and your company out to third parties, acting as contractors or consultants. You can easily make $1800 per day in the software world. In 14 years, I'm sure there is something DEP can offer other companies from its experience and acquired expertise in terms of art, programming, management, writing, or something else. If not, that's pretty depressing.

The Market

Furcadia caters to all ages. This is both good and bad. The good is that all can find something they enjoy, and the young can interact with the old in meaningful ways instead of common authoritarian ways most young people have. I think I was 14 or 15 when I entered the Furc world, and I interacted with 16 year olds, 19 year olds, 25 year olds. Possibly some even older people as well. Public school creates boundaries between age groups making such interactions very hard for both sides.

The bad are controlling parents, inevitable child predators, and age queries. It's impossible to verify someone's age without resorting to visiting them in person and carbon dating them. (Well, not carbon dating, but you get the idea.) Even a social security number is just that: a number. You don't know that its corresponding human is the same human who gave you the number. You don't know if the age record is correct. You don't know if the human lied when they said they were born Jan 1, 1993. Be like so many other companies and have an "official" policy of requiring 13+ year olds. Be like the porn sites that mention the 18 or older warning somewhere for "explicit content" but don't require a yes/no enter/exit action. If you want to advertise to kids and have parental-like controls, fine, that can be a worthwhile goal, but it shouldn't come at the expense of the user interface.

Furcadia's target audience is tiny. The entire furry community isn't that big. (As a simple argument, consider how many [fantastic] Star Fox games there are compared to Megaman, Mario, Zelda, Sonic...) They recently added human avatars but they're simply not going to expand past the furry market as long as they call themselves Furcadia. (Of course I mean furry in the most generic sense here, it may even be as general as simply animal likers--I don't consider myself a furry though I do like Star Fox and anthromorphic-esque creatures, yet I would still be in the target market.)

Because of the tiny market, there's a tiny maximum pool of people to monetize. Other software, like video games on Steam, unite both the young and old--not for any meaningful experience, they're just shooting each other. But it's a huge market, involved in a multi-billion dollar industry. Find out how much FurAffinity makes and how much Nintendo has made off Star Fox (and other groups off other furryish games like Sly Cooper) and you may get an idea of how large this market can get. I don't imagine it's very high.

Niche markets can still be very profitable and interesting. Look up patio11's Bingo Card business. But it's a problem you should recognize and account for at all times.

Sources of income

This is the second biggest pressure point of making money from Furcadia, next to server costs. A blunt point: in-game virtual content does not work, as a rule. Valve is the exception. You are not Valve, and you do not own Team Fortress 2.

Furcadia doesn't embrace external markets like Valve does. Furcadia could enforce that clients can only trade items if they pay DEP real money (for in-game content, say minimum of $5), in the same way Valve does with Team Fortress 2. Right now you can trade anything with other users (there may be certain fees for certain things but in general it's usually free).

Furcadia can add hats. If Furcadia wants to have a chance at profiting off in-game virtual art, they need to follow Valve's example.

The Game


Let's look at those stats I posted again.

135162 characters connected this month
Max players ever: 4640

Notice they talk about characters and players. There's no limit to the number of accounts a particular unique player can have. Furcadia has an artificial limit by limiting how many usernames can map to a single email address, but in the days of free email and the fact that Gmail lets you add arbitrary dots and/or a suffix of '+whatever' to your email, and still sends it to you, this arbitrary limit is meaningless and just a hassle for users. It should be removed.

Given that many people have "alt" accounts, it seems reasonable (though perhaps not conservative) that the connected characters figure converted to individual connected players is at least an order of magnitude lower. Only Furc knows. I wonder why they won't say. (Of course, it's possibly their terminology here is just conflicting and both mean unique users but that still seems odd given there's only 30 days in a month, and an average 1000 users per day is only 30,000.)

As far as the actual players go, Furcadia naturally suffers the 4chan problem of having lots of immature people around due to letting everyone in. Free ranges die just as easily as walled gardens--though in the former case they can live in zombie-form as 4chan does. Ask some Furc people who've been around for a long time, they'll tend to say they miss the old golden days when there was lots of RP happening. Now it's mostly just become a visual IRC chatroom host with some pseudo-games like races within different dreams. Has anyone monetized IRC? (Yes.)


Furcadia isn't a game, per se. It's visual chat. There have been minigames created within individual dreams, and some of them are even fun (and you can always recreate board games), but the medium itself is not a game. This puts limits on what's possible.


DragonScript sucks. PhoenixScript as a DB sucks. I imagine it's nice for newbies, because they are both simple and easy for what they do, but a more powerful option should exist for those who know better. Second Life has a fully featured scripting language (which is basically just a variant on C++). Actual programmers will make amazing, awesome things if you give them the tools to do so. DragonScript lacks the fundamental concept of a function: without that, nothing can be done. (All you need are functions, the rest of computer science falls out naturally as an extension of Lambda Calculus.)

Suggestions for a future

I've interspersed some suggestions above, here are a few others to the creators, should they happen to read this someday.

Open Source It

Under the Apache License. Hosted on GitHub. Both client and server.

I know I'm not the first to make this suggestion, I'm likely not going to be the last. As I recall one initial rationalization against open source was use of the LZW compression algorithm. Ignoring my stance on whether a software patent, let alone an algorithm patent, a mathematical equation patent, a frikkin fits in a few lines of unobfuscated code patent, this is all moot since it's been expired for quite some time. If there are any other pieces DEP is not legally allowed to open up, those should be the very first things being worked on, not any new features, and the interface (which is not patentable) should be opened up so that open source contributors can speed the process of creating a replacement.

The other main reason not to open source is it destroys their business model because people then have no incentive to buy in-game assets if they can just modify their own clients to always show them, or connect to non-official servers to show them. But... um. Well. How do I put this... Furcadia players have been using their own assets since the start of Furcadia, in dreams, which is where most players hang out, not on the main map. DEP's business model was already questionable, as I explained above.

I think if a single person forked Furc on github with the intention of extending it, DEP would be incredibly lucky. I wouldn't be that person. I would think it'd be pretty cool to have a 3D first/third person of Furc though with a dream creator that makes Second Life's look primitive.

Look and feel

The game and its website and the idea are firmly stuck back in 1995, two years before the game was released. It needs a new, slick look. Hire a really young designer. Rewrite the website in Ruby on Rails or Node.js or Python with Flask or PHP 5.4, with a frontend making lots of JS use with jquery et al.


Furcadia is Dead. The best suggestion is to just abandon it and do something completely new and at least 20% cooler. I can always rant some more but this has taken enough of my attention. But please if you agree/disagree post in the comments and I'd be happy to continue a discussion/debate and even be corrected on the assumptions I've made here.

Posted on 2011-10-14 by Jach

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Anonymous October 18, 2011 05:11:39 AM A lot of your assumptions are incorrect.
Jach October 18, 2011 12:53:53 PM Thank you for your extremely insightful comment Anon.

Another thing I didn't really get into was Steve Yegge's Google rant applying here. Furcadia never made itself a platform, though it still has potential given the nature of people making dreams in it.
Anonymous October 18, 2011 07:43:51 PM Sorry.
Anonymous March 12, 2012 08:35:42 AM It's 'stuck in 1995' because they try to cater to those who can't afford a better computer. That's one of the good things about it. It's a fun game for those who play it, and it's entertainment, without having to spend money on upgrades.
Jach March 12, 2012 08:58:03 AM That's a decent point, Anon. I used to have a philosophy of supporting 800x600 resolutions because that's what I had until 2005 or so. Then 1080p came along and killed everything. If this was still 2007 even, I'd be more inclined to believe you that they're allowed to suck because computers in general sucked.

Nevertheless, let's remember that Half Life came out in 1998. Assume for a moment that it required a state-of-the-art computer from that time (it didn't). Such a computer would have been obsolete within 2-4 years minimum. 1998 was 14 years ago. I know people who still use computers that are 10 years old, I don't know any that are 14 years old. I bet if Furcadia did a survey, maybe 10 people out of their few thousand unique users are using a computer 10 years old.

That they actually invested time and energy into an iPhone client suggests they realize their users aren't dirt poor third-world citizens with 56k and 10 year old computers.

Of course Furc has its positive sides otherwise no one would use it, but I don't think that post-2007 "being backwards-compatible with computers from 1995" is a positive. (Can the newest client still run on a Windows 95 machine? I'd be interested in knowing.)
Anonymous April 10, 2012 01:29:40 AM Star Fox and furres aren't relatable. One flies an Arwing to save the solar system, the other yiffs in suits.
Why Anonymous? April 19, 2012 06:41:30 PM The way you sugar-coat Valve here is enough to give anyone diabetes. Team Fortress 2 went free-to-play because no one was buying it anymore. The ones who played it already had it and the ones who didn't play it had no interest in it, or were banned from it. All the F2P model did was another cash sink for Valve to make a profit off of it at the expense of the existing community. Now TF2 is a joke to the founding members and just a casual "look at my hat" experience to everyone else.

Valve's example would do nothing but piss off the Furcadia community. And hats are stupid already. No one notices them anymore in TF2 other than the player. Those who do do it for the "me me me" attention. What Furcadia (aka Beklin) needs to do is invest more into in-game/client avatars. That would instantly boost their sales and not kill off their "independent" art market.
Darkneo September 02, 2012 08:06:51 AM I think your point is interesting. And to add, if RP'yrs could indeed create their own avatars like Second-life maybe it would be interesting. I don't mean eccentric 3D stuff, but to be able to have your avatar look like YOUR Avatar and not a local pre-programmed one you buy in the Dingo Store.

As for people who can afford less dynamic machines is becoming less so, 64 bit machines are abundant now, and even some 32 bit machines can still handle Furc. But I must admit I would like to see a higher resolution map for those that have higher end machines.

As for TF2; they just developed an add on called Mann vs. Machine. Hell, I might go back to play this one and even buy it. :)

Just say'n.
Asteria October 17, 2012 04:22:02 PM Personally, I don't think Furcadia is dying or dead, but that's only from my experiences. For me, I have plenty of friends and we not only chat, but RP at least once a week as well. Granted, Furcadia itself is in a way crashing the market, selling digos and such for EXTREMELY cheap prices outside of holidays, decreasing the worth of the existing digos that people paid full-price for, and making it easier to buy items and such in-game than from the market. They aren't getting as much money from that as they should be, and it may cause problems in the future.

But socially, the game doesn't seem dead. I've only been here since about a year or so before the whisper update, but it doesn't seem anything has changed in that aspect. In fact, it seems more active - that is up to the player's standards (who they're willing to befriend and put up with).

I think a good venture would be for Furcadia to use a system similar to that of portrait uploads for personal avatars. Bam, you could sell avatar spaces on the market and empty ones in-game, the art market would boom with commissions, Furcadia would get money from new sales (since lots of people wouldn't be selling their spaces at first, but rather using them), and more people would play because of the added creativity opportunity. It would serve a similar function as digos, so these spaces would have to be a little bit more expensive as the portrait spaces, but if a person was trying to basically play a digo avatar without paying full price then, like portraits, it could simply be rejected.

Overall, Furcadia is a good game (at least I think so), but has lots of room for improvement.
Anonymous November 10, 2012 07:18:01 PM Furcadia has recently announced that they will be doing a Kickstarter project to bring in needed funds for updating the game. One thing they have planned is to create a web interface so that users no longer will be required to install their client software.

You can find more info on their goals, what they plan to do, and what rewards contributors will get on their forum.
Jach November 13, 2012 05:30:01 AM I'd like to see vector graphics and what the community could do with them.

That's good to hear there are still active RP groups. is apparently their working pitch, the kickstarter page has yet to be made. That's an interesting approach for funding, certainly in the year since I made this post Kickstarter has shown itself to be a useful platform to raise money on. Some of the things (like a web client) are nice to hear about, others not so much. (Not even a mention of expanding beyond declarative programming with DS.) It could give them the push they need to pivot into being a financially successful company, we'll see.

Another interesting factoid:
135162 characters connected this month
Max players ever: 4640

Looks like they don't actually update this information. That's somewhat disturbing.
Vincent November 26, 2012 08:01:54 PM I actually noticed that, too, about the statistics of players. But you can just go in the game itself and hit ctrl + w and have it pop up more accurate stats, that tell you actually how many players have been on today and "this session" (or since Furc's servers were last restarted). Beyond that? I specifically asked in Beekin meetings if they planned on releasing gendered starter avatars with the next update, and they said "It's something that you can vote on!" Which says to me that they don't plan on doing it unless you pay to vote for it, despite people screaming for gendered starter avis for years now in the forums. :\ I'll be at least happier if they update the avis and provide 32 bit colour. I'm so sick of the limited colour options. Why the hell would you give more options for hair and badges than you would for clothing? Seriously, DEP?
Cornelius December 23, 2012 06:09:49 PM Maybe it needs a good kick to get it started again and some rich innovation.

Perhaps this might do the trick.
Haven January 06, 2013 01:13:34 AM I agree, Furcadia is dying...if not dead. I used to love this game in it's younger years. I poured a lot of money into the game as well, buying digos, port spaces and art. As I got older I saw that nothing in the game really changed other then new digos being made. Also, have to say the new digos are just so lazily made. Who the hell wants to be a pillow with eyes?

Also the game itself looks so childish. The defaults are nasty looking as well. (I know the kickstarter is suppose to change that but still took WAY to long)

I also think the Kickstarter is a way to beg players for money...and I hate the way the new setup looks. It's just so's like how much time did they take on it? Looks so rushed and messy. *rantrantrant*

Worst thing is their customer service SUCKS. Another reason I hardly ever log on anymore. Bought a lifer Dragon (at full price) never got it. Took the money from my paypal and all that. Filled out a ticket a month later I get a reply coming up with some bulls*it reason. Still never got my god damn dargon. Now my friend is having the same problem with his S.S. Keeping charging the paypal for renewel but yet he is without his SS.
Anonymous February 07, 2013 09:06:20 PM To be honest, reading this depressed me.
I started playing Furcadia when I was about 13(I'm now almost 21) and things just went downhill. Regarding the role play community, there's nothing to even ask for anymore. No one logs on anymore, everything's just dead.

My apologies for not giving a decently elaborate speech on the matter, but I never did statistics or research on the reasons why it's been going downhill so fast. I'm one of the random users of the program, and it's sad.
Jach February 08, 2013 01:00:58 AM Here's some more sugarcoating of Valve:

Their design philosophy is deep and compelling.

Furcadia's kickstarter ended with $100k from 877 people, with minimal contributions falling into these buckets: [dollar amount, number of backers]

([5 106] [10 43] [20 70] [25 40] [30 71] [40 11] [50 30] [75 323] [100 10] [150 66] [200 5] [250 50] [300 4] [400 4] [500 0] [600 5] [750 1] [1000 15] [2000 0] [3000 4])

The $75-$99 range got the most backers, I think that's interesting.
Amberblood April 07, 2013 05:59:42 AM The thing is that I use to go to Furcadia to ROLEPLAY, not do mindless OOC chatter and bantering.

So many people in Furc that just take up band with and space sitting around and doing, well nothing! I don't get the idea of spending money just to have fancy avatars, heavy loaded descriptions and just sit around and spam the whole place with idleness or random banter?

For a while I was in a dream that many story lines and role play depth took place. It was like writing a book while living it!

After a few years the dream owner got tired of Furc support being anything but helpful. The whole place was getting spammed by OOC idiots, yiffers and self righteous sit around and do nothing OOC'ers.

I wonder if a new "map" will make it better?

I doubt it.
Anonymous April 26, 2013 08:45:49 PM I dislike Furcadia now. The people who have money to spare get all this cool shit. (Like customer avatars) It shows the new players or players who dont have 1000 to toss at a greedy company 'Oh look, you'll never be able to have something as cool as that!' And they say they're trying to bring new people in? I call BS! They play favorites and drop to their knees to the people dumb enough to give them a shitton of money.
Shaun Dreclin May 21, 2013 10:02:10 AM DEP is hardly a greedy company. They're doing what they can to keep the game running and the kickstarter is letting them bring on more staff to do the updates we've been asking for for years.

Furcadia is "dead" compared to what it used to be, but I think a resurrection is around the corner. The web client will bring in a ton of new players who wouldn't want to download a program to play a social game.
Indigocloud August 04, 2013 04:35:17 AM It has turned into a big commercial for artists now, maybe that is Okay to an extent. But you see a cool dream and enter it and all you see like Amberblood stated people OOC'ing all over the place and no RP. The dream has a format, story line and rules. But NOTHING is going on? Players and not players anymore, this is like a chat room indeed with fancy avatars and port pictures.

Maybe outside the dreams in the main areas is like fine but to build a whole dream with a format and do nothing in it? WTH?

And when I click on a desc it's all -commission me-, -port artist-, -dream weaver-, -alt maker-, -this is not an IC dream- (yet you make it look like one?) huh!? A lot of work to do and just sit around...sigh I don't get it.
Neogreen December 26, 2013 04:56:31 AM Well they just started it on Xmas. And I am surprised' in a disappointing way. All this talk of a better graphic format and "web-based" furcadia. Huh? Where? It is still in a little window in a pixlated now crowded maps and areas! WTH people!? Ether I misunderstood or they misled us. Is it running on a a web-based system for better operation? I dunno' jut dunno!?
Anonymous April 19, 2014 03:48:15 PM Apologies in advance for the really run-on sentences and outbursts of thought:

I intensely loath how they defend the prices for those "digos" by saying what basically wittles down to "it's YOUR donation to US!" (...said no commercial business ever).
It's been 14 years and so far the only progress we've seen in terms of graphics, barring digos, are new default portraits. I doubt they'll actually get anywhere with that kickstarter since the original creators of this "game" have unofficial left and don't actually work on it anymore, leaving Emerald Flame of all people running the place (I still believe she does fuckall, since she doesn't code and her actual art are like children's drawings, and her interaction with players is....abrasive). I question the leadership of a woman in her 50's who calls her team "Team Catnip".

And yeah, they really should cater to their audience which seems to consist of furries, artists, Rpers, and the friends of such people. Apart from a "dice system" I've never actually seen being used, I think they at least some sort of system to find other roleplayers. Something as simple as encouraging people to put the words "Roleplayer" in their descriptions and having a search function for that <:/

They've finally updated Digo Market, but not the main website which probably shows what they care about the most. I'm satisfied, but barely. This sort of thing should've happened years ago, and modern websites these days are still miles ahead in terms of aesthetics, which is pretty important for a game like this because it still lacks that 'something' that makes it look professional (and therefore worth respecting).

About the iPhone app thing, I wonder why they stopped it? It's not like it was unfinished. Though, I bet Apple didn't want to associate with Furcadia, lol.
I just think the original creators just won't let it die.
Anonymous May 06, 2014 02:46:52 PM Honestly, I keep waiting and waiting for this update to happen. It really freakin' needs it!
An ETA, some kind of time-frame. ANYTHING!
Anonymous May 19, 2014 07:57:18 AM I agree with the notion that targeting a broader audience would invite more people to play, and hopefully improve the status of the RP community, albeit I wouldn't know how it could be executed without changing the name or blatantly announcing that Furc will get its shit together and stop catering to the fussy niche people. There are many people who would love to play as more humanized characters in Furcadia's format, and it would give people a lot more incentive to make a non-furre dream without worrying about there being few visitors. Adding human avatars helps a little but not much, would have been a much better idea when roleplaying was at its peak, before the waves of newfriends, greedy merchants and other OOCers made themselves comfortable.
Anonymous June 26, 2014 10:31:43 AM It looks dead. It seems within two years, according to the ingame client, their regular userbase as dropped more than half of what it used to be. There is literally nothing anymore, you'll be lucky if you come across something worthwhile there.

It's no surprise; with their unsustainable, thoughtless business model combined with their lack of a dedicated team that wants to make the game good instead of trying to make the most money, it is no surprise it is nearly dead.

Even on their most recent backing project only 2201 people have donated. The best part, this is supposedly the second part of their original kickstarter fundraiser, meaning they STILL haven't started on the update. They've literally made half a million dollars by waving around new character rewards. This speaks a lot about the capacity of the people that still dish out ridiculous amounts of money for appearance upgrades in what is essentially an IRC room with a virtual interface.

The update isn't coming. They've lost even more players since the second portion of their fundraiser; I can tell you right now that I am not exactly sure they are going to go through with the update at this point. It has been nearly two years since it was supposedly originally funded. One has to wonder why they keep needing more and more and more money, despite being fully funded again and again. Either they do not have their books straight, or they are milking what is left of their idiot fanbase before going offline.

What a shame. To think that people actually think this place is THRIVING, what a laugh.

It's dying, if not dead. There is no update coming. Anyone with half a brain can see what is going on.
Gerolkae August 15, 2014 05:24:41 AM Furcadia is Updating.. the last client update made possible for new stuff to come out... The Website is taking a massive renovation with new look
Anonymous December 07, 2014 09:36:25 AM Gerolkae, you're a hanger-on to DEP and thus your opinion has no weight here. I too play Furcadia and know that there's likely to be no update. It's been two years since that Kickstarter and what does Furcadia have to show for it? The same thing that's always been around: outdated and ugly graphics from the 90s and a poorly optimized client.

I HAVE paid for the web client beta and you know what? It's absolute shit. It's the exact same client except online, incredibly slow, and glitchy as all hell.

What I've seen over the years I've been in Furc is that a)Emerald Flame is pretty much completely useless in the grand scheme of things and b)Felorin is wrapped around her finger like a finger puppet made of nylon. What I haven't seen is where the bloody hell $240k went. Where is the schedule for Second Dreaming?
Zed April 07, 2015 04:13:37 AM I just sorta stumbled on this rant and read a few of the comments and have a few myself. I recently met Cironir and actually asked him about the Dark Dreaming stuff. I can't remember my exact question, but it was along the lines of this whole problem. He talked about hiring programmers and the like to create the whole new 32-bit package and so on and so forth and more or less asked me if I knew how much this stuff would cost. (He also told me they had devoted fans who work for free)

And I couldn't say I did

But it got me thinking. There are indie games being made all the time with less of a budget than what furc's kickstarter provided, not to mention all the funds that people are constantly dumping into the digo market. And those no budget indie games make things with graphics better than a super nintendo, which is Furcadia's Dark Dreaming goal.

I also learned that the various creators and founders of furc all share a house here in Texas. Kinda a vacation spot and HQ for everyone. Also where their mail goes, I believe. But it seems like a big waste of money when they could just get a P.O. box or some such thing.

Furthermore, wouldn't all these new avatars they are creating become obsolete in the new 32-bit version of the game?

I don't claim to know anything about anything. These are just some thoughts I had.
Catling June 12, 2015 04:44:06 PM Yes, your true... although, one problem you stated:
"They need to abandon.." Excuse me, No thank you, some people play this "game" everyday. They met many friends on it. They put their MONEY in this! So, pretty much, your saying that we all pretty much just wasted our money and time on this? No. Even if it's dead, it still entertaining, as the players there still keep it fun. Also, one of the admins on the Forums said they will keep it up for a long time, closing is not scheduled at all, right now.
Anonymous June 22, 2015 09:07:39 AM Just wait for Anthro Esoterica to come out. In two weeks they've gotten close to basic feature-parity with typical online RP 'games' like Furcadia and text-driven MU* servers, plus have other features possible for players, like raytrace/raycasting, vector drawing, pixel glide movement instead of full tile movement, file transfers, private messaging system, global ignore system that literally removes that person from ever showing in your client. They can't even stand in a doorway to block your path - you ghost right through them.

And they're not going to charge jack from what I hear.
Anonymous August 23, 2015 11:25:43 AM Furc's pretty much in it's twilight year(s) now.

They've begun pumping out smaller digos literally every other week (all created by free labor/volunteers, mind you). Meanwhile most of the digos from the Kickstarter vote page remain unreleased. They promised to create the digos that got the most votes... but have only made the smallest ones with the least votes! NOTHING has been said about the previously reached reward tier functions. The web-login portal remains in development hell. The mobile app forum's last post was from a year ago claiming that it would be released 'very soon'.

The only things that gets updated anymore on the website is the Digomarket. There's brand new butler art on the market of a shitty, embarrassing quality- apparently they got another highschool 'volunteer' artist instead of hiring any of the fantastic professional artists who still play.

Promises keep getting skirted around. Newsletters were published maybe twice this year (formerly it was a monthly publication) with a few pretty pictures and nothing of substance. From this page ( about 2-3 of the goals have actually made it client-side.

There's a half dozen threads on the forums demanding to know where the $250,000 they raised has gone and why we stopped getting newsletters and updates about the future of the game. People are worried that the money was mis-spent since the team apparently bought a VERY expensive house in a very expensive neighborhood despite their meager wages. Nearly every one of the concern threads have a post or two from Gar, Felorin, and/or Cironir saying essentially 'Everything is fine! The game is fine! The Kickstater money is being spent wisely! Everything will be released soon!' followed by some smiling emojis.

I honestly loved this game but it's pretty clear that the creators have given up. They refuse to spend on advertising, or hiring competent coders and artists and just pressure their volunteers to make more $20-$100 avatars nobody asked for. Every few months they show a blurry screenshot or an ambiguous video to prove the Second Dreaming is still being worked on.

They probably used the KS donations to fund that crazy mini-mansion in the desert.

We were conned.
Anonymous October 15, 2015 09:35:33 AM I haven't played Furc in years. The downfall started in 2008 or 2009 to be honest. I heard it is still dead. I am not going back even though i was on this chat game for 8-10 years. If they really cared about the game they would up the graphics and get with the times. I actually would not be surprised if the game shut down in 5 years or less. Once they finally realize that no one cares about the game anymore, they will probably be like oh! what happened to furc? But by then it will be too late.

I am sad that it went this way but alot of the users have grown up. I've been playing this game since I was 7/8 years old and I think I stopped playing around 13-14-15 years old. I am 21 now and while I'll miss the game as it used to be, I foresee a shutdown. They did kickstarter for their own benefit and not the game. Sad, but true.
Anonymous October 15, 2015 09:52:26 AM Anthro Esoterica is almost completed! I got to goof around and it's shaping up to be better than Furc. Everything from tile to pixel-based movement, claim a plot of land, make your own spot, you can even make your own world and link it to AE's world so players can transfer back and forth between them, creating a huge web of networked properties. The language and syntax for the BYOND engine is far easier to learn, as well. The BYOND client even comes with all of the tools you need to make your own custom avatars/icons/sprites/world/code. The web client even works for the most part!

They're only missing a couple of additional features and they're going to call it ready for initial release.
Me November 14, 2015 05:31:43 AM To be honest, people have tried defending Furcadia with the whole "Its free to play and if you dont like the people, store, or how much everything costs, go away" crap for far too long. People likes their own little niche in Furcadia, and now that its been consumed with foul mouthed, non-persona play, OCC advertising 'art' type furries, people have just gotten sick of pointing out the flaws to the developers and sought better venues.

When the staff and control for Furcadia does nothing to censor or distribute obvious adult content and the potential (Which does always happen) for minors to engage in sexually explicit acts with adults, not only is there a problem, but the solve for it and those not having a comfortable environment tend to vacate.

Thats what has progressively happened.

Facts: Dated graphics, game play, pedophilia, verbal abuse, bad management, expensive cosmetics, no control over the population, lack of rules and leaders, piss poor tools for creative input, interaction limited to people that mostly have mental instabilities, anti-social fundamentals apply to most people, a good many people are afk and idling so a player count is unavailable.

I could go on for a while about the many flaws and reasons Furcadia will continue to decline, but ultimately the player base has a good deal to do with the issue at hand. The current population are the sort that dont get along well with others and yet actively seek interaction with those around them. A group of people with a desperate cry for help that will only bite the hand that feeds them regardless of the situation.

Personally, I dont even know how the place stayed afloat this many years.

Also, I really dont think server costs are an issue when I can host over 50k people on my Desktop alone. Furcadia has no bandwidth intensive programing and therefor doesnt require a massive output. They have and always have run on a 3.5 Megabite (25MBit or 25000kbs) connection which is more than capable of hosting in MODERN GAMES up to 100 players or more. (ARK: Survival Evolved). You could easily support 5000+ in Furcadia. Stop playing the "Server cost" card, because Im fairly sure the server was bought and paied for years ago.
Anonymous November 14, 2015 08:55:04 AM "Furcadia has no bandwidth intensive programing and therefor doesnt require a massive output."

Not entirely true. The problem with allowing people to build their own dreams is that many people have no clue how to program, and thus keep certain code snippets running either client-side or server-side when it should not be, or the code constantly runs instead of being triggered by a check.

I've seen poorly-programmed dreams eat up a solid megabit with just two players present in the world thanks to poor coding practices.

For the rest, well, spot on. :)
Anonymous December 18, 2015 12:01:48 AM "Stop playing the 'Server cost' card, because Im (sic) fairly sure the server was bought and paied (sic) for years ago."

I've mostly just been idly reading this thread, but this one statement is completely incorrect. Just because you bought a house (in full, all debts paid) doesn't mean that you no longer have to pay for it. You have to pay taxes on the land that your house sits on. Not only that, but you have to pay for any utilities that you use (electricity, gas, water, etc.) if you want to be able to cook food or play on the computer. Servers are power hungry machines. Not only that, but they are generally stored within a data center and not within someone's house.

Data centers are dust-free, continually cooled, have redundant everything (power, network, cooling, etc.) that costs a lot of money to run 24/7. That cost is then pushed onto those who host their servers within the data center. On top of that, hosting or colocating a server can be more expensive based on the following factors:
A. How much space all the customer servers take up in the rack.
B. How much power the servers use.
C. How much data traffic the servers send and receive,
D. How close the servers are to the backbone of the internet.
E. How old the hosting plan is.
F. What the hosting contract states.

I think that it's quite foolish to assume that hosting a server is cheap or free after you've paid for the hardware.
Anonymous December 18, 2015 12:37:26 AM "Servers are power hungry machines."

Not in this day and age. ULPs at 15w running a few hundred websites at once, a bunch of silly dreams is nothing in comparison to heavier databases.

"Data centers are dust-free"

Not very many I've worked in are dust-free. You get HEPA filtration but I guarantee you human dust is all over the place.

"continually cooled,"

Once everything moves to the newer NUC power consumption will be knocked by roughly 60%. Cooling will no longer be an issue and will subsequently likely be reduced by about 40-45% overall.

"have redundant everything (power, network, cooling, etc.) that costs a lot of money to run 24/7. "

Unless it's an OLD network switch, most don't consume a ton of power in the first place. My old dell monitor eats more power than most 10Gb 48-port switches WITH included power over Ethernet.

"I think that it's quite foolish to assume that hosting a server is cheap or free after you've paid for the hardware."

Capable admins would know how to obtain these things and more wholesale instead of relying upon a retail data center.

The entiretyof Furcadia's current hardware could be handled with one $4,000 machine right now and could handle another TEN of current-size Furcadia. 90 watts max CPU draw.
MikHyou February 22, 2016 08:11:13 AM I have been away for about five years now.

Where did I go?


Yes I know it has it's issues too but you know what it is better than FurC. FurC has run it's course and is now a 2D banter chat room. Maybe some hardcore FurC's are still there but I went back last year and after five years in SL it was hard on the eyes and the heart too.

Just saying... peace
Anonymous February 23, 2016 08:10:06 AM I ran a so called server from my home for private gaming and clubs. It was in its own little room of my house with dedicated lines.

Using both a window AC and a rather decent Honeywell HEPTA dehydrator unit it was decent. I used a ATX tower case and a portable support cabinet for additional hardware. As for cooling the server in general it was always connected to a duct system to which the hot air was sucked out into an attic reverse blower (mechanics grade) and outside. The power system was a combination of surge strips and relay battery back ups. And I had a monitor line switch installed to augment power in case of a black out using a Honeywell portable electric start generator. Did it cost a bit yes but if you know where to get stuff you will save in the long run. Warehouse, wholesale, clearance, test betas, etc. is better than retail. Eccentric set up for a single person? I guess it was but it worked rather well. People connected though URL protocols address, password and account. Tada!

DEP or who ever runs the show now needs to get into gear and ether catch up or shut down? Hard to say without really any factual information on what they are doing. But if people like me can make a system at home surely DEP can make something far more dynamic and perhaps reach out to others like me for help instead of hording it in their little corner of what ever.

Or as a few have said is Furcadia a past endeavor and its time to move on?
Leonis February 29, 2016 03:33:41 PM I tired to come back after two years and realized I lost my password and my email is no longer used. After three support trouble tickets and NO response I said to hell with it. I gave them as much info as I could to help and nothing, nada. Zip!

Let it die!
Anonymous May 15, 2016 04:45:45 PM The most disappointing thing about Furcadia is that it was part of something that was unprecedented. They started off so early in the day, and now with technology being so far past its limitations now from its beginnings in 1997, they could've been a dominant powerhouse in a market that they could've held as their own. The fact that people have funded them each time they asked for it, is evidence for that. How many companies that run an entire server, come out to ask for money, just to get hundreds of thousands of dollars slapped at them? More than once, even?

Furcadia is laden with AFK people, and people who cry for attention but bite at the hand that feeds them at virtually any cost, on top of that, virtually NO ROLEPLAYERS.

And people defend how DEP/TC have struggled with server costs, and expenses. Really? So the multiple people who spend $350 on Life Dragons and Phoenixes weren't enough? I would not be surprised if they made over a million dollars in sales, just to have all of that money squandered. Virtually no other game could've pulled in so much cash.

In short, honestly... The creators now, are greedy. EF runs most of the show, and she doesn't care. Not as long as they can release a new Digo, someone is going to buy it.

Furcadia is dying due to its own negligence, shameless greed, countless broken promises (I remember hearing promises of the update since 2005), cancerous people, lack of RP in a roleplaying game, the absolute lack of care of its players, and the game's infrastructure as a whole. Not that the creators are going to say anything about it, but if you had a game that yielded a massive amount of money but don't use it towards the game, you did it to yourself.

Furcadia squandered its charm. If they don't update it, they'll keep it the way it is until it dries out on its own for good.
Amumanous June 04, 2016 01:37:16 AM I played Furcadia from 2003 until 2008 and stopped playing after I noticed a heavy decline in role players. RP dreams were surging during most of my time in the community. Played nearly every night after school let out and homework was done.Recently I discovered a few of my log files from back in the day and my nostalgia kicked in. I'd love to relive those golden days at the Broken Sword Inn, Bail's Tavern, or any of those other dreams I frequented, but it all still seems lost. I wasn't aware of the problems people have been having with the Developers but I hope that the second second dreaming happens and brings a resurgence because I really miss playing that game.
Anonymous June 06, 2016 10:07:08 AM They will bleed out the ignorant and the stupid I fear. You think the Furc owners/makers read this stuff and care?
Anonymous October 01, 2016 01:21:18 PM To the person that said Emerald Flame does fuckall.

You hit the nail on the head with that one. She doesn't do much of shit, but she's very self important and thinks she does.

Many people left because of her. Everyone knows it. She has ZERO PR skill (this has been thrown out there many times, and she's fully proven it) and honestly no experience in being any sort of leader or manager.
Anonymous November 16, 2016 07:18:38 PM It is November 2016 - Time to die Furc time to die!
Anonymous January 01, 2017 09:00:28 AM I really miss this game.. frequented it back when I was like 8 or 9, up until I was like, 15. Honestly wished it wouldn't have died out. Many memories were made here and theres a few things that I'll definitely never forget.

Loved the Dog Pound, Dog Adoption Center, The Golden Tether, etc. Also enjoyed Furcadia's little Halloween event. Does anyone remember doing those?
Jach January 05, 2017 07:29:15 PM So, has anyone actually tried the Second Dreaming thing yet?
Anonymous January 05, 2017 07:34:00 PM Yup, and it is quite sub-standard.
Anonymous January 30, 2017 01:20:48 PM I've been playing this... "game" (if we can really call it that, tbh it's little more than multiplayer Notepad with a halfassed graphics system) since 2003. It's been steadily going to shit in the past several years, and yet there are still fangirls that defend it and I suspect will continue to do so to the bitter end.
Everything other people have pointed out is absolutely true: Go to The Golden Tether, go to New Versailles, hell, just go to the FurN main map. Where are the overwhelming majority of the players? In the idling areas, or the OOC areas. In TGT, you can sit in the main hall, be completely surrounded with people, and still not see a single post. In NV, everyone just sits in the OOC area (which is a god-awful echo chamber hugbox filled with hypersensitive special snowflakes who viciously attack you if you say anything they decide to take offense at, no matter how innocuous it may be to normal functioning adults - ESPECIALLY for a dream set in an 18+ area) and occasionally moves to an IC area for RP.
A friend brought up the fact that most of the people playing Furc who still RP, aren't even RPing /on/ Furc. They're doing it via RPR. Cause, y'know. RPR is the new Freewebs - everyone's got one, and if you don't, nobody even gives you a second look. So again - it all goes back to the fact that Furc nowadays is filled with nothing but OOCers and idlers, because the people who actually stay logged on are usually doing something other than playing Furc.
And on the note of idlers... what's with all these people I keep seeing who quite literally idle for entire weeks at a time? Seriously, I can't even tell you how many people I've seen with [AFKhour] counts in the double-digits. I've always looked at those people and wondered, what's the point of even getting on Furc if all you're going to do is constantly AFK for days on end?
And +1 to the "biting the hand that feeds" comments. I've never met so many mentally unstable people who will act like your friend one minute and then turn right around and kick you to the curb the next as I have on Furcadia. The furry community already has a bad reputation as it is, and Furcadia seems to attract the worst of the lot.

Some of the comments I've mentioned above are a couple years old at this point, but they're no less valid in 2017. The player quality and developer quality have not improved any. I've gained a lot of fond memories on Furc over the 14 years I've been on it, but I honestly have no respect left for the game or most of the people on it. I often go several days in a row without ever logging in once and I don't even miss it anymore. I miss what it used to be when I was growing up on it, not what it's turned into.

Sad Artist February 13, 2017 04:34:09 AM I want to take a moment to thank the OP, and everyone who commented on this thread. No malice intended, as I genuinely feel these players' plights. I am just one of the many Furc-born artists who loved RPing and creating unique pieces of art for my friends and commissioners.

I saw many of my friends get ripped off, as Furcadia stood by and let people steal (screen-cap, copy/paste) original work over and over again. No matter how many times we complained or begged, DEP wouldn't help any of us. Sure, they could 'clear' the stolen space, IF you could provide adequate proof you were indeed the original artist, but it would never stop people from doing it again.

Fast forward to now, when I tried the newest update. What point is there to having new .fox editor or dreamEd if there is no one to enjoy the dream you create? This place has stomped out creativity in exchange for the patronage of affluent imbiciles and the mentally deranged.

It is a shell of what it was, and could have been.
Anonymous February 13, 2017 12:37:48 PM Don't worry, Sad Artist! A new alternative is coming! Something made for a more modern time, including 4K world support, high-res animated avatars, choices of isometric or 3/4 top-down or pseudo 3-D views, and much more flexible engine/language than FurC!
Amumumus February 13, 2017 04:01:37 PM The Etla Isle continuity is still alive and thriving in the Imaginarium. It's a huge map with a detailed and active website. A large player base as well. If anyone still likes to RP on Furc, Etla Isle is the place to go.
Anonymous March 23, 2017 09:37:17 AM Amumumus............ ?


I've been there and see no indication of an application that runs maps and or a game like engine. Sounds like click bate for a forum to me.
Amumumus March 23, 2017 04:37:21 PM It is a forum, dummy- a forum that's incredibly active in support of a thriving Furcadia dream.
Anonymous March 23, 2017 09:40:58 PM Shitty ass game with shitty ass support with shitty ass avatars with nothing but losers who do nothing. Sums it up rather well.
Anonymous April 19, 2017 09:56:54 AM I've been logging on the past week or so after a few years away, just because I missed roleplaying and creating stories with people.

Furc's dead. And it makes me sad to see what's left of the place.

There are a handful (maybe five, max) of dreams that have 'active' communities. People are in those dreams but they're not roleplaying. They're AFK, or just sitting there, doing nothing (I count 13 avatars around me in the TGT and not one person is roleplaying).

Does anyone know of an alternative? I just want to roleplay.
Anonymous April 19, 2017 02:26:07 PM "Does anyone know of an alternative? I just want to roleplay."

I'm still working on my much more advanced version of FurC. Most of the stuff is working but now and then engine updates cause some issues between web client and desktop client.
Anonymous July 06, 2017 01:50:15 AM Anon back, from a post in May. Here's some knowledge.

It's great to see these posts in comparison to reading up how DEP handled the players' concerns at the time on the forums in 2010. Really is.
At the time of those forums in 2010, they were dwindling at 3k players. As I speak, there's less then 650 players right now. At least 200 idle out in FurN. What has been sewn has been successfully reaped.

There's hardly an excuse for it, it's very unnatural for a game of any design to have sudden, sharp drops in traffic. A veteran who has kept up can see that. Ultima Online AND Runescape are still alive, but you've had their numbers dwindle at a far slower rate just to the games aging. I mean, people still talk about Runescape.

The Second Dreaming came out sometime within the past year; it's basically just a upscale of an update that has been nearly 12 years too late, more than a step forward than the leap they promised.
The FurEd is now Web-based (their biggest step backwards imo), and FORCES you to tie your web account to that of your alt. Must be to see who posts what on the forums. But that major update probably drew more users away than created them. It's even a tad hard to break it to newcomers to tell them, there's no atmosphere anymore, and no community.

Bear in mind this is what happens when a "company" doesn't listen to the wishes of its players. You will find players that you will never satisfy, but in any position of power the voice of the players exist for a reason. If there are a couple of cockroaches in your house, it's not a real problem. Take them out.
But if you have an infestation, because you left food out or neglected to clean, then that fault shifts from little people to a problem that you (DEP) are now tasked to handle from square one.

All of the heads have broken several cardinal sins: DO NOT disrespect your patrons. DO NOT ignore your passionate volunteers that offer to step in to help. DO NOT water down their creativity to do more. DO NOT neglect overall passion that you've invoked.

I've had friends on the art team do designs for upcoming Digos and NOTHING is greenlit unless it's with Emerald Flame's seal of approval, and even if so, details are cut out for her favor. Even those people get shafted with little to no pay, or even Digos themselves as payment. Others still wait for their prizes from the last contests they've held.

It is how you see it. The best thing to do with Furcadia, is still see if there are anyone still worth your time as the ship sinks.

They (DEP) honestly, have too many skeletons to hide.
And the best thing they're good at, is deflecting from the notion that there's been a stench for years.
Mooze86 August 24, 2017 01:19:05 AM Hi, i read your post on this and its useful to me. I used to play furcadia since my internet using dial-up modem. Just wanted try it out today again and its true what you said, its dead. Quite sad ,really miss the old days. Do you have other alternatives for virtual chatrooms? Other than Second Life.
Jackrabbit November 12, 2017 12:08:33 AM There's specific DEP that are toxic in the game, Cironir, Emerald Flame and other ppl like Majas and gar, these people are sinister to the player base under the curtains and love to personally harass players they don't like with rules that don't exist in the game or TOS, especially when they're afk. Special snowflake Majas likes to go around reporting ppl anonymously who don't agree with her or share her views instead of being an adult and ignoring it being a cunt getting ppl banned without mercy (SJW rage). She also gets treated better when it comes to contests in the game, that's suppose to be for the players only. She got first place in one of the contests, leaving other ppl pissed off, and they got a right to be.

Cironir promotes bad behavior, telling you not to report the pedophiles (with obvious proof to back it up) lurking in the game as "They can be alts" as an excuse. He likes to insult you in tickets and curse at you if you don't agree with what his staff or what his boss does, talking down on customers who aren't happy with his actions, especially when I needed help recovering my account from the ini changes. Him and DEP refuses to let ppl help with fixing bugs on the game that they refuses to repair themselves, there's programmers and coders who offer and get denied all the time. They're fucking lazy at fixing MANY important things and rather make digos instead.

BUT They LOVEEE free labor when it comes to art and digo cooperations, and dont give those ppl pitching in their game much credit at all or share in profits of their art selling as digos either. Just a Lifer avatar of it at most and nothing else, they love to use ppl like that.

Emerald flame is the most rude of all, more than the others, she likes to abuse power and harass players about mechanics implemented into the game as advertised. Furcadia is know to bring out digos and encourage customers to use then for fun, be the attention of your friends etc, but wait til after you buy them to start pulling BS conditions on them and you can't get your money back, that's the trap of the 2nd dreaming. If you don't like an item on furcadia, why bring out in the first place for people to buy? Now they punish players for using it for it's intend use. Here's an example from my friend's Twitter post of how she acted. Tapu Fini is her alt also, this has been up for almost a year now:

If you don't spend on the game, you get treated like trash, like this player is going through, and the remarks she said to her about refunds on kitterdust was disrespectful as well. Emerald is known to come up with lies to make it seem like an incident is from multiple players, but it's from just her instead.

To get to the main point; Gotta kiss ass to the creators or spend cash like Donald Trump to get favoritism privileges, and furcadia is know for that most, "Favoritism". People can get away with breaking rules that others can't.

Have you seen the Custom avatar info? They promote so it looks like you can make your avatar anyway you like, but don't add the catch of buying them, there's a shitty size and such limits to what you can make your avatar as and it's unfair especially for winged characters. They are good at ripping ppl off, and if you don't agree, they try to threaten banns to you to shut you up. The blame is always the players and never their fault, how long do players in 2nd dreaming gotta wait til their promises are met 100%? GL to that, they used the cash on a house instead, not using the cash to fix the game at all. BULLSHIT.
Jackrabbit November 12, 2017 12:23:50 AM Also to add, they liked to witch hunt of people on the game talking negatively about their team and game. Sometimes using blackmail and of course the bann fear tactics.

Max players today: 893

Use to be way over 3k+ Players when I started playing.
Sad Turtle November 14, 2017 10:21:05 PM After feeling nostalgic I decided to give furc a whirl again... I logged into the highest populated dreams this week and found that over 90% of the players were AFK/Idle and only a couple were actually roleplaying. Checked out the website for updates and it seems like the game has been pushing out a brand new cash shop avatar every couple of weeks with very minimal activity outside of these avatar announcements. In-game I got a lot of spam about avatars on "sale" with links to the shop. Thought it was weird but then again the AFK players I clicked on all have hundreds of dollars worth of the 'For Life' avatar tags so they're probably the target demographic.. and likely the only remaining demographic.

I must say the new roleplay character websites everyone uses are very pretty but it almost feels like a waste since everyone just sits AFK with their characters boasting many shop avatars and a beautiful website full of nice art and design. Walking through dreams full of these idle players feels like walking through a museum or china shop full of many beautiful things that don't interact with you.

I remember a year or two ago there were tons of forum topics asking about the Kickstarter and for progress updates... now it seems that the forums have been TOTALLY wiped clean! Some of the sub-forums only have one or two posts now when I'm definitely sure they were full of topics in the past. The last thread in the section for the mobile project is from 2015 even. I guess they got tired of people asking why the game isn't doing well.
Anonymous November 17, 2017 11:25:07 AM Depressing. RIP Furc.
- Started playing 20 years ago when it first came out. :/
- Met my best friend on it. Still close friends.

Someone revive an old version of this damn thing!
Anonymous November 21, 2017 01:35:09 PM Why don't they do more monthly events that aren't centered around the cash shop? Why not make Roleplay events (or a Challenges dream obstacle course/puzzle) where participants get an item or desc tag? Just something to encourage people to do ANYTHING besides just buying the new cash shop avatar of the week and idling for days on end? Right now there is a game-wide emit being spammed for some yearly collectible "event" where you buy 8 things, one new thing a week, and get a special limited avatar as a reward. Why not incorporate that into the game in the way that doesn't require money but for people to actually.. do something in-game?

Even their lore stuff is borked.. if you wan to Roleplay with a Prime or have them visit your Furcadia canon Dream you have to spend $2000 in their kickstarter. If you want to get a Quarter-Prime tag for roleplay purposes you have to buy an item from the Digomarket and hope your name gets picked in a raffle and you get the tag.. just like that, they don't even hand out the tags for in-game roleplay events- just shop raffles. People win the tags who don't care about roleplay and just sell it for a lot of money so you end up with characters who get an important status within the cannon (for those who care about furc's story) just because the player has a lot of disposable income. In the past.. many years ago.. the staff would log into lore alts to interact with people randomly and it was really awesome but they don't do that anymore outside of their shop events, when people come together to celebrate a new avatar appearing on the shop and the primes chat with people there. Everything in the game is centered around money now and it's sad.
Anonymous November 21, 2017 03:27:49 PM "just like that, they don't even hand out the tags for in-game roleplay events- just shop raffles."

So, what you're saying is Furcadia is breaking online gambling laws of many states, and probably federal laws as well.
Anonymous December 04, 2017 08:01:39 AM i knew something was fishy the day the staff announced they got a ranch house together in texas in the middle of the 1st or 2nd kickstarter. some of the tier rewards took YEARS to create or give out and the end-product of the fundraiser looks like something a higschooler off of deviantart could've slapped together in their free time during summer vacation. no new colors since '99. the new avatars look like they took a couple of days each to make. the default portrait art- even for the market avatars- are bad & the art on the official website looks worse than what artists from devart and tumblr can make for $20.

they raised well over a quarter million for the game and simultaneously they suddenly had enough money to buy an expensive property and yet put below the bare minimum amount of effort into the game. log in right now and what do you see? characters in beautiful PLAYER-MADE dreams with PLAYER-MADE patches, with awesome PLAYER-MADE avatars (sometimes animated!) and PLAYER-MADE port art and incredibly PLAYER MADE character stat websites. if it weren't for all the amazing and talented players who spend their free time making incredible custom patches and dreams and avatars and artwork furcadia would be totally empty because the base game, when you take away the work that the players have done for themselves, is a fucking joke.
Riggsy January 09, 2018 08:29:08 AM I wanted to put this out there but Majas is a horrible person & Staff member of this game, shes just like most of the rest of DEP staff = fake as fuck and likes to pretend she's friendly to players when she goes out trying to report ppl who she don't like and gets Ciro to abuse his bannhammer on them because she's too much of a wuss. Her Special snowflake act is almost as Toxic as Emerald Flame's "cry wolf" charades towards ppl she keep grudges on. I had issues with her last Aug.

Annnnndddd Lately all Furcadia's doing now is making digos instead of fixing old issues. Everyone's money was wasted on Kick-starter. I pity those who trusted those idiots and Dreammaking is pointless now, because you gotta fight with others to keep a spot, unless you pay. Play other games, their management isn't even close to worse as this game. Care about money more, ignore their players. Bring out Digos no one wanted.
Riggsy January 09, 2018 08:32:42 AM And I wanted to thank the person who made this site since Furcadia is keen on hiding the truth and complaints ppl reveal.
Timaeus January 24, 2018 01:38:32 PM I am going to play the devil's advocate here and say that a lot of the complaints here do not really seem to make very much sense, especially not according to my own personal experience with many of the DEP staff mentioned here during the very long time I have spent on Furcadia.

I have had the fortune to meet many of the original team of staff at a semi-personal and personal level, and was even extended a most courteous invitation to visit Felorin and Emerald Flame's house by Felorin himself at one point in the past.

They have always been nothing short of sweet, kind and respectful as well as helpful at every encounter I have had with them and whenever I have needed help or filed a support ticket, even during the moments (however scarce) when my behavior would have otherwise deserved none of those things in return, and have always gone out of their way regardless of the time and effort to quickly resolve any questions or problems I have encountered.

I am also one of those who supported the Second Dreaming Kickstarter, and would gladly do so again, I also have always purchased Digos from the Digo Market to support the game and its development directly.

The changes to Furcadia have been released at what would seem like a slow pace by today's industry standards, but DEP as well as Catnip Studios are composed by a small number of staff members; most of them were players of the game at one point.

To compare the development cycle of Furcadia to that of a 'Triple A' game is a fairly bad comparison, updates of this scale with a team of the size of DEP and Catnip Studios take time; Furcadia has been around since 1996, and updating a lot of the code to modern standards takes plentiful of time as well as effort.

The current population of the game may be small, but I am sure that this will change once that the game begins to be promoted, which will most certainly happen when the web client is ready for distribution and the game reaches the milestone of completion desired by DEP and Catnip Studios.

This is just my opinion on the current situation of Furcadia based on my own personal experience, and I firmly believe that Furcadia is far from 'dead' and will only get better once that promotion begins and the web client is finished and put up for distribution.
Anonymous February 07, 2018 11:24:53 AM I played Furcadia for so many years. I even lied about my age, stole money from my parents credit card to get digos, and I thoroughly enjoyed the community especially the Beekin community. I'm at the point of my life where I actually look back on Furcadia forums and wonder if the old Furcadia is ever going to come back a few times a year. I mean it was so fun. I missed the build a homes, the activity, the events, and just overall positivism. It was literally a second life for me. When I look at the forums, I can tell threads are purposely deleted with the ones asking where everyone's at. I guess we all grew up and found a new home in the real world, but really? The DEP staff are in an illusion like Second Dreaming is going to save this "game". This is an organization that will most likely announce its departure soon or in the next few years. There will be no revival so why even bother? Even if there was, we're all married and having kids now or don't have the time and money they want us to put forth effort in. They're only using your money for Second Dreaming to ensure their computers are running just barely for Furcadia severs to live another day. DON'T LET FURCADIA USE YOUR MONEY ANY LONGER IF YOU'RE STILL AROUND. It's not a new business concept. Many businesses manipulate the laws for their own benefit. What comes around goes around in this situation for them. Selfish furries. See ya Furc. You still have a special place in my heart. Too bad they don't have one.
Anonymous February 16, 2018 08:54:53 AM It's pretty crazy that they keep deleting any remotely negative posts off the forums, some of the sub forums only have two or three posts! But if you check the archived or lofi version you will find the missing hundreds of posts. Even benign posts asking where people have gone, or what's the status update on the iPhone client or the avatar extensions and other stuff promised back around 2012 all get removed. Just like the Anon above me says, the Furc team is living in denial. Hiding the sentiments that people share, sadness over the dwindling population, queries into where the Kickstarter money has gone, why the lack of events outside of digo market celebrations... it doesn't reflect well.
Vincent April 05, 2018 12:56:51 PM That's because they're hypocritical idiots, they make promises they don't keep. They make animated digos with promises you can have fun with them and such in the sales descriptions then backstab in whispers later telling you that you can't use the features, some DEP even stalks players and altering their digos while they're afk or punting them in another areas of the map or into Vinca, because some of them have personal "vendettas" on you, my friend is having issues and showed me screenshots. Don't false advertise digos, saying you can do this and that with them if you don't really mean it, I mean shit...they've kicked ppl off maps and suspensions for exercising those privileges of things they promised in their sales. Can get sued for false advertising in general btw.

This site is freedom from their reign and influence of erasing ppls comments and witch hunting for players on ther game to abuse power because they're against freedom of speech, especially when it's directly about them. I LOVE THIS SITE! FREE TO COMPLAIN WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES OF BANNS AND HARASSMENT, THANK YOU GOD FOR THIS MAN MAKING THIS SITE!
Also? People who like DEP and comment positively about them no matter what, are just asskissers, beekins, undercover sex slaves and enablers, praising their shitty behavior because they don't wanna get on their bad side. Examples of some people i've talk to are Winter, Kashi Commodore, Fernweh, Aaron, Lobsel Vith, Milkbone, Million, Glaciess, El Furradio, Juliet, Khyrsaraylynx, and Cruncher as one of the biggest ones ive seen praise DEP without criticizing them once, or if so, half assed it with a praise in the end to make excuses for them. Probably free favors as rewards. Not everyone is dumbasses and take their shit and fear them. Everyone want's Senpai Emerald Flame to notice them because she's such a Goddess to many, but is nothing. You even got idiots trying to rip off her name, just as other gemstones or first name with Flame at the end.
Vincent April 05, 2018 01:06:03 PM Forgot to add>

HAHA Promoting the game? They just pay ppl popular to say positive things about them on a page and when pp put criticism in the comments area, they get the page owners to delete them. They're wolves in sheeps clothing. It's their "Safespace" method free of negativity (aka the truth about the game.)
AnonDragon April 05, 2018 01:15:49 PM I was linked this from Vincent, and i'm gonna say one main thing.....these guys live an immortality lifestyle.. open relationships.... and literally having sex with eachother in one house which is disgusting as fuck.... as I learned this from being in the scribes---- > Why expect them to know any mortality standards? Especially when it comes to the game and to their playerbase. It's natural that they're gonna screw everyone over anyway and have no shame about it........
Milkbone April 22, 2018 10:10:08 AM I feel a need to defend myself a little bit here. I love furcadia, and I will continue to support it in any way that I can. But that in no way makes me a ass-kisser. Anyone who's had a meaningful conversation with me would know that I don't think the way things have progressed are ok. It's very obvious by they way they constantly reiterate the fact that they don't have enough budget for simple things like advertising or paying more artists. Even though we as a community raised more than enough for them to achieve that. Yes, it's horrible, and sad. Humans are innately selfish. This is their job and how they make their money. We are viewed as big fat wallets to them, not people who care about the community that they've created. That is just how things are and I don't expect it to change. Even though they don't see the magic in the game anymore, I still do. I will continue to enjoy Furcadia and do everything in my power to benefit our dwindling community while it's still here.
CatFishy May 23, 2018 04:33:36 AM Milkbone, you're a troll who fakes caring for ppl in the game, for the sake of amusing yourself. You've harassed ppl in the game in the past and you're now acting like you're "friendly" and "helpful" just to get ppl to trust you and reveal their weaknesses and you stalk ppl in the game too along with your friends. Stop acting, thanks.
Wampus May 23, 2018 04:45:01 AM Woof?

Supporting a game that doesn care about its playerbase n blames their players for things theyve brought out is retarded, & it deserves to die. When you create things for the game and say your customers can enjoy them specially with no rules or limits listed to it... That to many is like them standing behind their market guarantees. Punishing players and banning them for something that was advertised by them on them on their page as a feature of the digo, is fraud & illegal. Furcadia is a horrible game & has the most toxic management behind it. Cironir and Gar are assholes.
Wampus May 23, 2018 05:11:16 AM Alsooo too many special snowflakes on this game too, SJWs,alt-lefts... stupid LBGT ppl too that are anti-straight bashers and like trashing religions or anything else that doesn't agree with them and they act entitled, like what they do is law over others and no ones allowed to say anything against them but they can to others. Guardians like to make shitty decisions just because they got nothing better to do, one harassed me about my desc a few times, that wasn't aiming at anyone. It was a quote off a site.
Wiren June 05, 2018 10:53:29 AM First off, if anyone is getting offended by anything on here, then I believe that they are a special snowflake. You call them a special snowflake for being offended, yet you yourself are offended? I call that pathetic. Second, everyone makes mistakes, and a lot of my friends are listed up there. We say good things about DEP not to "kiss ass", but more of the standards that we try to be positive and look at the good. A lot of us grew up on Furcadia, and we have a home there. We don't want to dwell on the negative. Another point I would like to mention, not everyone on Furcadia is a furry. Some people, like myself are there because we enjoy the people and the dream scene. So before you get all upset, and call people special snowflakes, and ass kissers, maybe you should get to know our reasons behind it instead of being thick headed. ;D
Ghe June 05, 2018 10:54:40 AM lasange yum
Anonymous June 05, 2018 12:05:25 PM "We don't want to dwell on the negative."

That's right, you just want to stick your head in the sand, so that nothing will ever change or improve. Proven time and time again for well over a decade.
Wiren June 14, 2018 07:28:13 AM Nvm, i'm a special snowflake, I love to lick DEP assholes. My mistake! I love me some "thick heads" also ;D!
FatAssEmeraldFlame July 30, 2018 12:16:10 PM NEVER BUY from furcadia, all they do is pay their bills, buy luxuries for themselves etc, they don't improve the game or use it for new content like they say they will, bugs etc sill exist that's been there for many years, Furcadia is full of liars. DON'T pay them.

Also for ppl who hate furcadia, and need a place to reveal what they do and such, or wanna rant, come to this group, you can even come anonymously on FB accounts. =)
FIGHTAGAISNT FURCADIA July 30, 2018 01:08:01 PM Express yourselves here if furcadia has ever treated you like shit.
Anonymous October 22, 2018 05:04:06 PM HAHAAH FURCADIA FORUMS WENT OFFLINE from spam
Riggss January 04, 2019 09:11:30 AM We winning, its read only now bois
Anonymous April 09, 2019 05:57:26 PM Somebody back in like... I think it was 2013 mentioned there was a "resurrection around the corner" in the comments above.

2019 and still no resurrection. I've played Furc since 2003, with only about 4 exceptions, every single person I've befriended on Furc between 2003 and 2019 has stopped playing. As of this writing, according to Pounce, there are only 744 characters logged on. Not unique users, characters. While I have no way of proving this scientifically without having access to Furc's databases, I can still in good faith guarantee that the MAJORITY of those characters are alts. Hell, I'm sitting in a dream right now where approximately 80% of the population is nothing but alts of the same small group of people.

As originally posited all those years ago, Furc is dead. Not dying, dead. Only a couple of dreams have any sort of real population to them (let's say, arbitrarily, more than 10 characters), and even in places that near or exceed 100 characters (we'll use TGT as an example), the ratio of people RPing compared to people just sitting on their pixel-asses doing nothing is mind-boggling. It's not uncommon to see 100 people in TGT with only about 5 of those people actively RPing.

Oh, and another problem with a lot of places like TGT or NV are the people themselves. It's like fucking highschool all over again - nothing but cliques full of snobs who treat you like dogshit if you're not part of their merry band of lunatics, sociopaths, and cat-ladies.
Palkia May 26, 2019 12:40:05 PM After Sapphirus, some friends, and my brother was perma banned, I started hating furcadia, especially since it's dead anyway. I been playing since 2000 and all I learned lately is Felorin is a snob who promotes murder on his FB and is a SJW liberal snowflake who has a toxic staff community. Fucadia staff likes silence and bann ppl who oppose how they work and caters to ppl who suck their furry crotches or charge on their shit game by huge amounts. Even the peeps I knew or got to know on here turned into shitheads. Furcadia steals artwork ad concepts off other franchises and sells it like it's their own.

Felorin- likes to manipulate ppl in thinking his game is actually a badass MMO, like Fortnite levels LOL

Emerald Flame: Cheats on Felorin, he's unaware of it. She is what started ruining the game and she possesses Felorin like a puppet. Props to Sapphirus roasting her from her a twitter screenshot. Steals everyone's cash, aka all digomarket items go to her personal PayPal account.

Cruncher- a Shit Tech who thinks he knows better than people, seen him fixing someone's typos even wut a , some type of narcissistic

Cironir: Trashiest community manager I ever seen on a game. He's bann happy, talk back to him or have a different political view than him, he will perma bann you. Guy sucks off Emerald's titties 24/7 and he can't think for himself.

Gar: He's become toxic as fuck now. He was nice back in the old days, now he likes to go around altering ppls avatars to something the person doesn't want it to be, including mine at this very day while im in Vinca, I caught him a few times. Get a life man.

Kashi Commodore: Wanna be edgy and dark, this guy likes to act like he owned the forums, threatening ppl on posts over the most pointless shit. Threatened to bann me because I said I didn't agree with a digo design. Loser can fuck off.

Stukov: Is a pervert and a creep always trying to manipulate women on the game. Guardians aren't support to date player. Guy's in some type of Force or w/e and he being an internet predator on the side? LAUGHABLE. He's also a pedophile who preys on underaged women too.

Juliet: Disgusting Lesbian filth, rips players off on furcadia from digo sales and items, Furcadia higher ups turn their heads to it and ignore you.

Aaron: Biggest pedophile of all, only dates underaged/daddy issues women. Guy got fired as guardian, get rekt bitch.

This game sucks dicks, move to a new one. SOOO MANY OTHER GAMES better than this 2D pc of shit relic game.
Palkia May 26, 2019 12:42:13 PM Also glad Furcadia has no control of silencing us on here. Can speak the truths all we want without Cironir cry and erasing posts like he does on the site. CANT STOP US HERE YOU BASTARDS!
Fading Memories November 21, 2019 05:15:54 AM If anyone has any old Furcadia group/guild dreams still on their computer, please leave a comment on any video here to get in touch with me or whisper me in game.

I would love to record them for the purposes of archiving Furcadia history.
Ribbit February 03, 2020 01:05:23 PM Furcadia has ripped people off and scammed ppl out of their money. They're owned by a bunch of idiot leftists who like to shut ppl up exposing them by banning them or threatning them off the gam, & they wonder why their game is dying, rather deny the facts. Don't play this game.
Light February 18, 2020 11:24:59 AM I wonder how many people commenting down here are Sapphirus under various different names, choosing to lash out instead of getting treatment for their abusive mental illness that got them banned in the first place.
Anonymous February 18, 2020 04:53:42 PM Betting Light here is one of those scamming FurC mods trying the typical Republican game of deflection.
DecoTHEmeco May 29, 2020 09:33:06 AM If you have a 1990's machine it's for you. I suggest for a more wholesome experience look to the virtual worlds and dump Furcantia.
Anonymous June 28, 2020 03:25:45 PM Light has no room to talk about mental issues as he's sucked too many DEP dicks for what he has. Ohwait, should refer him to "thing" because they got gender confusion and waste cash on pixels like a bad drug addiction it'll never get the values back on, get a hobby broshi.

Go to a Mental institution cause Dr. Phil can't help a lost cause like u.
Apple&Onion June 28, 2020 03:32:28 PM LOL they claiming "abusive mental illness" when Light always cried like a fag for alts ppl didn't want to sell them but shhh...don't worry, Lawliet is in good hand that's not yours ever LULZ

rekt bitch.

Still funny how triggered you got, looking at Sapph's screenies in her group.

Lights so paranoid she thinks everyone here is one person typing, probably believes the site was made by her even. Typical SJW leftist.
Anonymous August 26, 2020 04:49:10 AM The fact that several people in this thread sincerely and unironcically believe and say the hateful, disgusting, fascist, and ignorant things they're saying in these comments is a humbling reminder that humanity is getting stupider and more sociopathic by the year. I hate SJWs as much as the next guy, but you're honestly embarrassing and cringey, going on about 'leftists', using homophobic language and slurs, and being complete immature morons. Civilization has no room for people who talk so poorly about others based on ability, mental ability, gender, orientation, etc. You can be critical of people and even spiteful or hateful towards them without being a brainless, embarrassment to anyone who actually cares about these arguments from a logical and intelligent standpoint.
Anonymous August 26, 2020 05:00:09 AM Anyway. (Same Anon as last assuming someone doesn't snipe me somehow.) I find breakdowns and data like this very, very fascinating and love seeing it all laid out! Very insightful and interesting, even if it is a bit old now. I happened on it randomly, and not because I'm seeking drama like everyone else here (which just sort of insults the OPs time and intelligence) and it was very interesting! Super late to the show but thank you for taking the time to present this information and viewpoint.
Crasher August 26, 2020 09:56:45 PM (Btw, this is a page free of DEPs's influence and their followers that like to censor and silence other ppls non mainstream opinions which is the toxic leftist side aka the democratic agenda. This is America, a freedom of Speech country. The ppl who like to abuse words ending with "Phobia" "isms" etc as a counter to others who don't agree with them or speak like them are just as insecure themselves and is a hypocrite.

No one is entitled to agree with your sexuality or your lifestyle, just like vice versa. Homophobia and anything related to it is more of a thing because that group thinks they're allowed to shove their lifestyle down ppls throats and if the ppl they after wanna live their own lives and opinions, they go on Twitter and try to cancel them ruining their lives etc, the other side doesn't do this or even have an opposite social media page to do it either because they're more SANE.)

Now to the other thing I wanted to point out.....

Let's realize the fact that Light's butthurt and can't handle the truth that she likes to suck the cum stains off DEP clothes for security and favoritism, and go SSJ PMS mode when no 1 sells her the alts she want. Imagine spending thousands of \$\$\$\$ on pixels and on names on the game that she'll never get back in value, not even close.... the pride of a true retard I tell you.

Imagine being this thot trying to talk down on others who make smarter life choices by far then her, no normal person would waste money on shit she spends on unless they got hit in the head way too hard. Owning the name "Guzma" fits her because they both got something in common; they're both autistic in toxic ways, all bark and get trampled in the end trying to be a toughguy. I bet she believes Sapph made this site also, the insecurity is real...this is Light's life online. Gonna need a therapist for those mental issues or more.

Anyone got a pile of shit? Light is made of that substance, and will buy it for 2k$!! WHISPER HER! LOL
Crasher August 26, 2020 10:02:41 PM Btw, ty Jach for making this site....since every other site that had to do with Furcadia and a comment section was a turn for the worst when it came to constructive criticism or feedback yet TRUTHFUL, which was always erased and hidden from DEP request so other players couldn't read, atleast they can't do that here.
Khyber Kitsune August 31, 2020 10:07:16 PM >leftist

Spotted the Russian fuckwit that doesn't live in America. Their specific language ALWAYS gives them away.
FurNLurker September 02, 2020 07:13:12 AM I've been on this game a Long long time.... too long for most. I tend to keep to myself, keep to my own dream(s) and roleplay with a close group of friends for our own amusements and entertainments.

long story short: Despite my love of the game, the thousands, upon thousands of hours creating, building, dream weaving, and talking to friends... - it's a fucking dumpster fire.

And the reason it's a dumpster fire - is due to the handling and management of it's owners/core staff.

As far as players go... Players are players. Take the good with the bad and the indifferent. Some people resonate in your soul for the rest of your life, others you can't block fast enough. Furcadia had, and still has these types of players (when you get them out of AFK mode long enough to talk)

I use to run a very popular dream back in the day (the sub-community is irrelevant) with literally hundreds HUNDREDS of players in at one time. Due to the stress of running the dream ramping up (my then undiagnosed mental disorders) I quit and walked away about oh... shortly after the 2nd kickstarter ran. I am to blame for all my own issues. but over the years I've gotten help for them and am doing 200% better btw. Anyhow... Due to the pandemic, and plenty of time to spend at home. I came back (after about a 4-5 year barely logging in hiatus)...

And was devastated. So many wonderful creative dreams.. gone... no one in the ones still around. Everyone holding to FurN maps for their Sexual fantasies and yiff. The list goes on and on. Long story short, I bought back 1 of my obscure dreams... made some new friends and now have a very very tight circle of people I talk too on the game. that's about it....

But back to the meat and bones of the game...

What a lot of people don't realize, is that Emmy and Felorin are not married. Emmy married gar instead, and Felorin in the third wheel. From what I understand, from people on the inside of their house... Felorin is treated little better than benign neglect most days, and is both mentally beaten down and being taken advantage of by a very toxic girlfriend/pseudo wife. How true this is? personally I don't know. You know how the rumor mill is. I remember emmy having "health" scares which not only caused them to move ONCE, but TWICE during the second dreaming for emmies health, or am I thinking that too, was all a dream due to their (DEP's) constant and continual lies about their shit...

I have open tickets... some tickets closed on the system without even so much as getting looked at. yet, I've been told by Felorin himself "Cironir answers every ticket" NO THE FUCK HE DOESN'T! His sorry ass picks and choses who he "bestows" his grace and m4ercy upon and fuck the people that really need help right?

Like Mychelle when her MSN account got hijacked and her alts started getting stolen? Cironir told her to basically fuck off to the point she quit and walked away. AND I DON'T FUCKING BLAME HER! She, as a player invested THOUSANDS into the game, putting digos on alt as one of the largest alt traders in the game. Yea.. Fuck Cironir. A 10 year old with more moral compass could fucking do better and still do more work than his ass does.

Felorin logs in every once in a while.. I see him flit through FurN looking for people to talk too, and people kiss his ass and usually bombard him with questions.. but most avoid the hard ones... for fear of getting banned off his game by anyone associated with him.

I have made a LOT Of friends with former staff.. and when asking them if they would go back to DEP even as a paid gig.. there not only is a unanimous no.. it's a huge neon sign of OH FUCK NO! Some of my friends are still traumatized and a bit gun shy thanks to the horseshit DEP put them through.

They tried hiring myself and some others as their "volunteer artists" to help them make shit... yea fuck no. My time is money... Pay me bitches... You want my lovely patch work and want to make money on it... Put cold hard currency in my hand. The fact that they abuse their artists (When there's so many fantastic creators out there that still know how) and refuse to pay even a hint of respect to anyone that has a differing opinion or is critical of their business model/organization/core team without some kind of retaliation is not a way to run a company.

Personally, I'd be all for possibly seeing if something better could be made with community effort, toss that shit on github and start working towards a better game, where all platforms are supported, across the board from the get go, in better languages that have been developed over the last few years.

Is furc Old... fuck yes it is... hell I know some people STILL on dial up due to locations and limitations that still fucking play.. they can't go anywhere like new FUrN due to the time it takes to download the larger main maps and shit.. but we play in our tiny little 1-3 MB dreams, (that for these people still take fuck all time to download)

Anyhow.. that's my two cents.... ya'll have a good night
FormerPlayer November 17, 2020 12:11:25 PM I was banned perma from the game back in 2017, which in the end bettered me as a person because Cironir, Gar, and especially TrashFlame was harassing me constantly ingame over stupid bullshit they added in the game for players to enjoy. Full of hypocrisy.

When I started, DEP was more out of existence with players, but it seems like the more closer they got to the public areas and interactive with people, the more egotistical they got, even to the point of making a worship map where ppl praised them (Olde Town) and made them more Toxic. Cironir rages easily now, like he has Autism, and he's grown from being mature to an immature conceited lowkey pedophile instead, with a mix of SJW power, and I've been told the same thing "Cironir answers every ticket" <--- full of shit.

To make a long story short for this part, if you're not sucking Cironir's dick, or paying cash on the game, and the person you're reporting is a cashcow of theirs? They will take their side and come up with excuses for them over you; aka favoritism, you won't win.

Glad i'm gone from this game, it's shitty anyway, and thanks to how DEP act now after scamming people from the 2nd dreaming mostly, they'll never get ppl to trust them ever again like before because they mislead everyone purposely of things promised to the backers who paid for more stuff, like hyping people up for the custom avatar benefit, they didn't originally have the dimension limits added, and only way way later til after people paid for it, since no refunds was allowed, and it came to unfair size limits that can't go bigger than a MF Dragon, or taller than a Noble avatar, leaving pissed players. And promising that people can enjoy kitterdust anyway they want, it's your imagination? HAH, not when Emerald Flame went around yelling at people using it, false victimizing herself and refusing to refund it since she all of a sudden hated the item as a whole. That's not the users fault, DEP knew what they was adding, especially her.

Furcadia Staff are as worse as Twitter when it comes to cancer culture methods, if you say something wrong about them, especially off their game, where they don't own, THEY will suspend, bann you, and even use scare tactics. They police people on platforms not owned by them, that's how stalking they can get, which happened to me. I was manipulated into saying positive things about their game once to avoid being banned, aka Ciro's swaying, but when I stuck up for myself finally, I was taken out, jokes on them though. So yeah...I regret giving any positivity to the game now, play something else. Furcadia's is like like Twitter as a game, only Furries, and high peodphilia supporting.
FurNLurker February 07, 2021 08:50:18 PM So back again. made a post a bit ago. I went tooling through old logs and shit... and well wow... I miss some ya'll so damn much it's not funny.

I finally up and left furc. I tried, as my few friends finally found greener pastures. I've moved on.

Some updates. All of my tickets, guardian requests, all went unanswered. And when addressing them with Felorin "Cironir answers every ticket" bullshit, even urging me to friend cironir in game? Yea that son of a bitch never logged in enough to talk to him. I was in some servers on discord for furcadia, most Notably FAM/FAZ since the website went down for them.

I needed a guardian one day, and help desk sent my request to the guardian channel, stayed online solid for 2 days.. no one showed up to answer. So I guess everyone who chooses to stay is on their own at this point. Someone I ran into in furN recently claimed to be an alt of someone who is life banned? LOL that's funny as fuck If you cask me.

They're still asking for voununteers after 250K+ was raised almost a decade ago? Fucking emmy probably spent it all on her fucking other boyfriends and shit.

Beekin badges are now frozen and don't expire because people where leaving the program in droves, some have had them for years and don't play anymore and still have them when they log in, no new classes I could tell on the calendar.

The fact they made dreams not expire, or people not get kicked when you idle to help keep the game look popular... LOL smoke and mirrors

Online now: 486 furries Dreams On main maps: 748.

If this isn't fucking proof, nothing is.

Felorin hit on one of my alts in furN recently, and I found out he fucks plushies on camera for people. *shudder* The list goes on and on. They're are preying on the generosity of artist, grooming artists and "BUYING commissions" from said artist for LOTS of fucking money? How about you fucking take and give us what we fucking paid for you god damned theives! Dr. cat (On facebook, aka Felorin), Emmy, and anyone else on the ownership of any of the businesses should be held accountable with the trade commission and any fucking government agency for fraud. I dunno, someone want to look into this maybe?

Beekin associates heads who still play YIFF On with their badges on and nothing is done about that... like for fucking real? they use to have (what seemed) high standards... LOL now it's a fucking joke

BTW - the comments on this board are fucking golden... honestly people where fed up for a while.

They started locking down life dream package transfers, other kickstarter exclusive transfers, but sell them to you on the down low if you keep it quiet and if you "know" people? Hell you can get virtually any thing from the Kickstarter if you slide enough cash into their hand and kiss their ass enough? Oh wait? Secret is out now! Pucker up fuckers! Smooch the brown round if you want a dream package for life and what not and stroke their ego cocks?

Also did you know. when the dragon (the first digo ever) was released its STILL the same fucking price listed today? But yet claim 70% off? Fuck right I spotted that years ago when the did the new digo market... lying fuckers. If they where genuine sales, yea... but this is just all a Money spin/grab as people have said before.

A few years ago, Dr Cat was working for another startup company making casino slot machine games? Guess what happened to that one too? IT FUCKING FAILED! No surprise there.

Fuck that all! Two faced motherfuckers! These greedy fucks miss managed their funds left and right, Honestly someone should in fact, file a grievance in kickstarter against them to make sure NO ONE from DEP can do one again for FFS. The fact that they "hold outside jobs just to keep furcadia running" should be telling enough right now. They live well above their means, spend where they need to be dumping it on what the promised they'd do.

I like most of the people who play well enough, the fucking company sucks. A friend of mine tried helping them with their web client bullshit on a non furc platform, (since clearly no one was) and started getting whisper harassed on brand new alts from just random accounts that no one should have known of of theirs about bullshit that happened back in the late 90's???!! Now that's toxic culture for you. And that's coming from DEP workers who would have access to their information they recon since they never told anyone their old names, other than Cironir and other DEP heads.

IF YOU STILL WANT CHEAP DIGOS! Root around online for the Furcadia Alt Market/Furadia Art Zone (Fam/Faz) discord they trade shit there all the time. Felorin is on discord too, and so is a thriving furcadia community in another server as well if Ya'll are looking to reconnect to older people. Faded memories on youtube has walks down memory lane on facebook. I recommend supporting his efforts with any old hard drives or patches you have laying around.

Personally if you want furry, second life or IMVU is your go too, or other mobile friendly/PC friendly games with VAST better stuff.
Anonymous March 01, 2021 11:31:46 PM I know a thing or two about Furcadia, I had a friend who was pretty high up in the beekins before she quit. I'm not at liberty to share details but they did her real dirty.

Emmie is a two-faced backstabbing bitch. Her daughter is too.

Gar is actually genuinely sweet.

Felorin is absent-minded, quirky, and a flake.

Emmie basically chased Talzhemir away after treating her like shit.

One of their employees died IRL because they couldn't be fucked to provide medical and dental.

Their pay sucks, no wonder why sanctimonious did minimal work for them.

They abuse enthusiastic volunteers until they become disenchanted and kick them aside.

They have taken advantage of the good will of people and have only offered shitty feral digos in return.

Their art quality control has gone down the shitter as have the quality of their main maps. Have you seen the new AI?

I'm glad everyone in our guild went to other games.
Tired March 20, 2021 09:46:43 AM In agreement with the anon who posted on March 1st. The people that run this game care about money and nothing else.

Moderation is abysmal, it takes forever for abusive people to get banned and alleged pedofiles get away with abusing minors. I recieved death threats multiple times before the person making them was banned after being banned previously and unbanned.

It's rare that anyone abides to rules/guidelines here. Dream ratings are designed to segregate 'adult' conversation from general conversation. If you're a dream owner and try to enforce a general dream rating or use a swear filter, people get shitty about it. On the other hand, if you encourage people to speak freely, people get irreparably butthurt and offended when things are said that they don't like. Cry fucking harder.

People expect to be granted authority in your dreams and get shitty when they aren't. If you give an inch, people take a mile. I have never experienced a popular dream that wasn't always steeped in some kind of drama or negative discussions and this can create feuds that persist for years. It's impossible to introduce new players to popular dreams when people are bitching, acting passive aggressive or talking about their quirky mental illness.

Volunteers are undermined and treated like tools for thankless efforts. Inactive beekins are left on the beekin program indefinitely. Classes which are supposed to be regular for beekins, aren't. You'll be lucky to get one per year. Nepotism is also rife, promoting people based on friendships instead of actual competence (save for a few).

Contests are redundant as results take months to publish so participation is discouraged, and news in general is few and far between. The thing that gets updated most regularly are digo sales, of course.

I have heard first hand accounts of abuse towards high ranking staff and their family members. Unsurprisingly.

There are good people peppered here and there on this game but they aren't within staff. I see the higher-ups post on social media sometimes trying to placate people with more false promises and decade old lies (See Felorin's reddit comments). What a shame, for a game that has so much potential, its achilles heel is its creator and authoritarians.

I would like to be proved wrong, and I am thankful for the few beekins and associates that actually gave/give a shit about this game. Thank you for your efforts.
Anonymous May 27, 2021 03:39:05 PM Man I'm surprised this thread is still alive lol. Also anyone know what Anthro Esoterica is? It was mentioned twice in this thread as basically a better version of Furcadia. But I couldn't find anything about it.
Anonymous May 27, 2021 05:14:50 PM Anthro Esoterica is currently in hiatus while I get the goddamned project recovered from a failed hard drive *AND* find another coder to help. Failing that, I do have a V 1.0 bare-bones public beta still available but a lot of planned features that were in V 1.0044 will be missing.
Anonymous May 27, 2021 07:14:50 PM Oh man- didn't think I'd get a response haha. Sorry to hear about the failed hard drive- that really sucks. May I ask what's available in the beta? Like how much progress have you made?
Anonymous May 27, 2021 09:47:21 PM The beta had some areas to walk around in, plots for people to build in planned (but the functionality to claim and build not in even when the project was in full swing) you could make your own sprite and upload it live, you had vision-based chat (if you couldn't see them you couldn't hear them/vice-versa - you could walk out of sight, call someone a bitch, they wouldn't know unless someone else heard and repeated it) a fun but flawed macro button to double your sprite size (it would let you walk through some walls in a certain direction) something like an f-list that you put in yourself, description, avatar, PM/DM/e-mail/whatever you want to call it, etc. All kinds of things.

I even lost my custom character someone made for me back then.

Sucks, mang. But I've been slowly working at it when I'm not busy with adult life and work.
Anonymous May 29, 2021 03:57:19 PM Oh! That all sounds really cool! What programming language and engine did you make it in?

Still though, hella impressive. (Honestly sounds better than Furcadia lol.) Anyways I was mainly curious because I've been sorta working on my own Furcadia-inspired project. (Not that I've gotten very far lol. I'm still learning networking stuff- but I do have a bunch of topdown pixel art sprites, including character stuff that I made.) Was also previously part of two projects that were set on making a game based on Furcadia (But they didn't get far at all.)
Anonymous May 29, 2021 06:08:39 PM "What programming language and engine did you make it in?"

It's in the BYOND Engine, so whatever odd mix of Python/Java/C-style code and HTML+CSS that they use. That also means cross-linkable MUCK worlds as long as the other worlds follow a similar base template, which was kinda the whole idea, a cross-network MUCK/MUSH. Example, if I had an arcade on my MUCK, you walk up to a machine, use it, you get teleported into another server hosting the actual game. Game over, you go back to the base world, etc.

I could always use help or inspiration. Ever want to help, wait a little longer, I'll be ready to get people to start helping again.
Oldfk May 30, 2021 11:01:59 AM How do we get a hold of you previous poster? I'd be interested in throwing you ideas for days.

~the ol cranky b*tch
Anonymous May 30, 2021 02:36:42 PM Well, I guess if you wanted to get in touch with me, just join my discord server, and when I'm not utterly absorbed with adult life stuff I am quite responsive.
Anonymous June 07, 2021 05:32:55 PM This is gold, Furcadia is dying, no more than 500 people now. I get to see the Karma I wished happen to a game that's treated me so shitty and perma banned me years ago for sticking up for myself against bullies managing the game and guardians being sexual creep predators like Stukov.

Ripped me off of all my life digos I've earned without spending a dime on that shit game (artwork effort and GD earned). They don't like it when you can defeat their overpriced pixels with your own skills to trade for them instead from other people.

When this game dies, I'll be parading. I won't post my name because butthurt comes from it so GET FUCKED Emerald fucktard and Ciroshit especially, always talking shit to me about animating digos, and kitterdust, lying about people being able to enjoy it etc in your scammy Kickstarter. Your SJW cancer morals and game is a shithole just like your personality, and you can't stop the people here from calling you out since you have no control here, or can dick suck your way out of hiding bad comments and truths about you and the game like you did on the reward you earned, making the publishers delete comments. I could just get back on the game since I got a new IP and can shit on you all, but im too lazy to. Good riddance to rubbish.
Anonymous June 07, 2021 06:11:35 PM Oh also, if Furcadia ever hosts a Kickstarter ever again, ignore it completely as they lie about a lot of shit they promise or alter the rules for it after you pay for it.
Anonymous June 07, 2021 07:42:27 PM Hey could another discord server link be sent? The first one has expired.
CyberTygre June 19, 2021 08:13:55 PM i've been playing Furcadia off and on since 1997.
when it started, it was awesome. role-playing, coding, custom art.
but things have been going downhill for literally decades. the active player base has dropped lower than hedge fund profits after a reddit post. the most recent "innovation" was updating the graphics from NES to Sega Genesis (those were the PS4 and XBox 1 for people born before Y2K) and that was years ago.
I see a lot of potential going to waste here. handing it off to someone who knows what they're doing could make this so much better. at the moment, the only positive about Furcadia is that it's appearance matches the currently popular "retro" aesthetic.
just imagine if someone remade this using UE4 or Unity.
and i'm not talking about the 475,000 furry porn games you can find on or newgrounds (though i'm sure many were inspired by Furcadia).
Anonymous June 27, 2021 06:36:08 PM I heard someone wanted another discord link?

Here. This one has a one week expiration. Use it quickly!
Anonymous July 07, 2021 10:29:12 AM Fuck furcadia, fuck DEP especially and the guardians, especially the creepy freak of nature aka Stukov trying to hit on every woman he sees, bragging his "power" for pickup lines. Guy is ugly asf....
ZombieDarx July 19, 2021 05:26:06 AM All that's left are pedophiles and trolls. For the sake of all things good it has to die.
Usernoname July 19, 2021 07:27:10 AM Darx, you summed it up perfectly.
Anonymous July 24, 2021 08:20:19 AM And the management that all fuck eachother in one house, spreading their STDS all over the place. Emerald cheating with Gar against Dr. Cat also, ugly Karen slut.
Anonymous July 25, 2021 03:21:14 AM Someone is still bitter over their ban.
Anonymous July 27, 2021 02:38:14 AM Be more specific, there's a running anti-pedophile theme here bootlicker.
Anonymous July 27, 2021 09:58:06 PM A bootlicker appearing indeed. Bet they're one of those losers who spend millions on alt names, and cant ever get the cash back, since they're retard enough to support a dying game. Get to laugh at those types, they kissed so much ass to DEPs most.
Anonymous July 29, 2021 07:50:49 AM They still ban people? Didn't think they could afford to.
Anonymous July 29, 2021 01:37:12 PM I recently came back to the game and it's abysmal. I still enjoy making art for it even if it's effectively dead.

It looks like they were setting up a patch market thing but they gave up. That's a shame. But no one creates dreams anymore it seems. Everyone is too busy yiffing in FurN to do anything creative.

I guess this is what happens when you consume the energy of all your creative people through the unpaid volunteer program and treat them like shit.

I only sell my patches now because I don't want to have the owners of the game use my work under some excuse like I'm a former pixel and therefore they have a right to it. If they want my stuff they'll have to pay me consultant rates.

DEP and Catnip Studios can suck my cock.
Anonymous July 31, 2021 04:26:46 PM From what I understand, emmie and gar are actually married, and David, aka florin is the third wheel. From watching ppl in that house on a friends Webcam, listening to emails fucking banshee screeches, she's a controlling narcissistic abuser, using the ppl in her house as a meal ticket.

BTW, house sales are a matter of public record, find County autitors office online and gave fun. Wikipedia and furry wiki have legal names.... just saying.

Now to all the old furcadians.... have we thought about a class action lawsuit yet? I know the prices on Digos never changed despite being listed at 70% off or whatever, and I'm sure wayback machine has old digo market listing. Wayback can be used in court cases BTW. Also i know there are a ton of pissed off Kickstart supporters.... might be worth at least entertaining the idea.... even if it goes no where.

Personally, I spent waaay to long on dreams, building shut and enjoying the simplicity. Now, I just chill with a select few and hook up with them in discord.
G August 01, 2021 02:12:46 PM I love that this thread has more regular updates and engagement than the game itself.
Anonymous August 01, 2021 05:47:35 PM According to DEP worshippers, ppl can't sue them because its a "RPIVATE" company and they can do anything they want with their game and people. If there was a lawsuit, i'd gladly join in on it, their slaves would rage so much, I can imagine and would LOVE it. xD

And yeah...they'll perma bann you, if you specifically rebel against them and expose their BS on forums, to people in the game etc. They even try to police you on your websites and act like you speaking against them and their game is against their TOS, bunch of snowflakes. They even tried to spy on my FB and have their side friends add me on it to keep up with my rants, Cironir is easily as butthurt as Emerald gets at times.
Anonymous August 01, 2021 05:50:13 PM Private* My bad.

Also the reason this place is more updated is because DEP can't influence or alter ppls comments on here like they did on their kickstarter/game article, where they got the author to remove bad comments on it, people bringing the truth out about them and the game.

Here you're free to speak how you like and they can't do shit to stop it, as it should be.
Anonymous August 05, 2021 02:29:58 PM Being banned is a good way of showing you're normal. "Oh no, the kiddie fiddler freaks and troll hypocrite stalkers won't let me play with them".
Rage against the machine August 06, 2021 01:48:23 PM Looking into deets about a class action. NOT PULLING THE TRIGGER YET!!! DEP staff irl names are a matter of public record. So are addresses and such with public people searches online.

I dont play anymore due to emerald flames toxic abusive power tripping narcissistic ass. And I had played LONG before she manipulated her way into Kittylitter’s pants. Spent THOUSANDS of dollars over two decades and really disappointed the kickstarter I bought for myself and friends, not once, but twice when the stupid off site bullshit hit yea…. I hate getting lied too, swindled, and downright used for their damn lifestyle and mountains of art they commission from people they manipulate.

So with that, I ask the community (past and present) are their demands we want to see if we even want to make them, other than financial compensation? Would love to hear GENUINE ideas for such.

My demand, is cironir be fired. Nuff said.

Rage xx
G August 10, 2021 11:29:05 AM I'd love to see them get sued where it's deserved, but be wary that statute of limitations on certain crimes may now have elapsed, and with it: the prospect of them being legally obliged to finally take accountability.

I heard in the grapevine that their company, 'Dragons Eye Productions' isn't registered as a legitimate company/corporation. Not sure how one would verify this.

It does get me wondering if they've been reporting their income honestly to the IRS though, couldn't find them under the Texas taxable entity search ( Maybe start by reporting them to the IRS to be audited. If they're honest people, they'll have nothing to worry about.
Rage against the machine August 11, 2021 05:08:06 AM From what I can find for the round rock address, Emerald (AKA Lackluster) and DR. CAT (AKA Kitty Litter) do not own the home they live in. It belongs to elderly parents (possibly deceased) of both Kittytlitters and/or Miss lackluster. There have been a lot of Lacklusters family through, as well as about 30ish random people (GAR being one of them) previously and current listed residence.

House is modest and if they really didn’t pay for it….


Honesltly doing a people search nets a rabbit hole of connections that will have to be unraveled. And the county round rock is set in should have a registration for either cat nip studios ( from round rock OR either out of San Francisco or Grants pass OR, or a ton of OTHER addresses lackluster have lived out of or lacking that a PO Box anywhere) and kittylitter honestly has bounced around so much it’s going to be fun looking up all the addresses LOL.

I’ll dig into statute of limitations and get a hold of a Texas lawyer friend of mine for a quick question session. Mostly to find out what the statue of limitations is in Texas.

If all else fails, there’s contacting the Texas attorney general (can google, I’m on mobile so can’t search well RN)

Register and log a complaint with the BBB

And there’s also looking up the FTC bureau of consumer protection

They’ve honestly gotten away with this horse shit way to long. Now they hunker down, hide from the tiny bit of remaining players, and all that other shady bullshit.
G August 11, 2021 11:52:18 AM Good luck Rage - keep us updated on here if you find the time.

It might be worth your time trying to get in touch with prior beekins, particularly group heads and associates. It's been some time since I was made privy to various info from different people about their reasons for conflict with DEP - so my memory is not superb and it would be best to ask them personally. I do know that several associates and group heads have left disgruntled. By their accounts and from what I can recall, it was a fight to be 'discharged' of their roles and leaving has not often been on mutual or good terms.

There are people in these categories that know Emerald, Cat, Gar etc personally.

Maybe start with James Talon. His name is listed here under DEP staff Give his name a google in conjunction with 'Furcadia'.

He was quietly relieved of his many roles and removed from other articles and his name is no longer in any of the beekin listings.

From what I seem to recall, it was his choice to leave. Emerald and Cat were not kind toward the idea as James was so involved and weight bearing in the community. His departure was not announced to other beekins and seemingly brushed under the rug. Who knows if he'd care to talk about it, but he might provide you with a starting point and put you in touch with others. I have since lost contact with most of the people that clued me in to these things.
Anonymous August 12, 2021 04:44:19 PM Happy to see people willing to take them down. Also, here's a post I seen on Twitter about some of them, can't see some of the screenies clearly enough but one is a whisper mentioning what they did with the money in a way.
Rage Against the machine August 12, 2021 11:31:11 PM Well, that is hella interesting Anon. Will have to make a Twitter and get a hold of Saph. No new news today to add. Work has been a hell of a bitch. However I am digging into how to report Catnip studios, and DEP to the FTC to look into misappropriating funds. Will also be reaching out to Kickstarter next week and seeing if their customer service gives any nibbles or bites. Statue well may be passed, I think it depends on the state it's filed in truth, and being that there is more than likely a Kickstarter supporter from every state, that may be the only qualifier for a class action (if we can at this point).

keep everyone posted.

Rage XX
Anonymous August 13, 2021 08:42:50 AM The money was spent on coders. There isn't some grand conspiracy. Coders cost money, money that was spent over the years as the game was essentially rebuilt from the game up to make way for the Second Dreaming and shed the weight of the legacy spaghetti code.

Sapphirus is a deeply mentally troubled individual who was given every mercy from the guardians time and time again, until she effectively forced their hands and made them permaban her by continuously spamming the forums and everyone in the game itself.

The simple answer is that the Second Dreaming funds don't go as far as you think they do when it comes to coder salaries and the people with an axe to grind against Furcadia like to invent reasons why the staff are all secretly evil and thieving the money from their playerbase, while burning their own money out of pocket to keep the game online in its current state.

Emerald Flame is a terrible leader and a terrible person, one who has probably been told many times over the years that she ought step down for the good of the game, but she isn't a thief or criminal. She's merely incompetent. Unfortunately for you, that's not against the law.
Mycellius August 13, 2021 09:12:52 AM Sounds like a DEP dick sucker is upon us. Calling people mentally troubled? There's many people here who had issues similar to her vs people like you trying to justify some actions of Furcadia staff and such so if anything you're the mentally troubled person here.....

Atleast she provides screenshots. Would you provide the proof of her spamming the forums or are you gonna come up with more stories to seem relevant on this thread?

Anyone who thought DEP especially the guardians were actually the "good guys" are blinded as they're no angels AT ALL, and you put "mercy" in the same sentence with Guardians with it?! HA, if anything they abused power a lot, tried to hit on people romantically because of that power, blackmail players, bully others with Ciro not doing shit about it, steal artwork off others etc and claim their credit. They paid for their owner personal dirty crap and needs, not for coders... get that BS outta here.

Anything bad happening to you idiots is well worth it imo, and look at the game now, no one barely plays it anymore aka afk all the time, so there's legitimacy to peoples complaints here about it or else it would still be lively. You people are snakes getting Karma in the end.
ZombieDarx August 13, 2021 08:31:35 PM There are more people who hate Furcadia than love it and they only have themselves to blame.

Banning people doesn't erase them from existence. They're still out there. Well, most of them. Hah.

Who'd have thought years of shitty behaviour would come back to bite them? It's like some activated blizzard or something.
Anonymous August 14, 2021 12:51:49 PM The people defending Furcadia's shitty actions are delusional asf, well then again some are retards who spend thousands $$$$ on an alt name which is a waste just to flex, Bunch of Liberal rejects dominate the game now getting offended at everything. FurN is the homeland of thieves just like the staff themselves stealing artwork claiming its theirs instead and almost every desc you see is using someones artwork being claimed as an RP character without the artists permission and even the uploads on e621 are stolen usually. Full of cringe furry porn, thats wut sums the game to now folks!
Anonymous August 15, 2021 08:47:40 PM I'm pretty sure Lackluster was Kestrel not Emerald. It's easy to mix them up—they're both cunty insufferable narcissists.
Rage Against the machine August 16, 2021 04:20:59 PM Good morning my fellow astringent posters and readers... I apologize for the length ahead of time. Anon defending bullshit clearly sounds like Cironir.

So let's get to the rebuttal, shall we? *ahem*

Ah, how quaint... Coders, yes coders... most of whom were overworked and underpaid according to the few I've talked to in recent months. Most of whom asked have been reported saying they would never go back to furadia not even for a million dollars upfront. That says A LOT about the company as a whole now doesn't it.

250K for coding? Mostly coding? How much free work did Majas do to be able to do that? How much free work did everyone do for the Kickstarter? oh right. A FUCKING TON! Do you know what they call that?

EXPLOITATION! The business model of a piece of shit owners who want something for nothing. How many people did free work for furadida for "Digos?" Worthless bullshit digital items that have no real-world value or tradable/collectible value as well. Or better yet "EXPOSURE" to help people 'break' into the gaming industry. I know Crunchward was paid in digos when he threatened to walk when he was not properly "paid" for his coding work, and Katie scrambled to placate him to stick around and gave him every digo the game had at the time. Not to mention thousands in dragon scales. But it's all fake bullshit worth nothing because they can conjure that shit from thin air and REFUSED to pay him in cold hard cash for his "Coding and effort that is clearly worth a lot of money". So please tell me again how they paid for the code?

250K could have made something better than what Furdadia has ever at the time the kickstart was done... Even at the time the Kickstarter happened in 2011/2012. Startups In similar game fields were doing much more WITH MUCH LESS capital and doing it better than furcadia! Back when the Kickstarter happened coders were charging a lot less than they are now. The funds were used and abused to fuck off with. ALL the things the players WERE FUCKING LIED TOO ABOUT still have yet to be implemented itself.

250k COULD HAVE BEEN ENOUGH TO HIRE A TEAM TO COMPLETELY RECODE THE GAME 'FROM THE GROUND UP' AND MAKE MODULES TO TRANSFER DATA ACROSS THE DATABASES FLAWLESSLY IN IT'S ENTIRELY TO BE MORE RELEVANT! Despite their claims of reworking the game from the ground up the original code was just repatched to include the same fucking security holes as before, DATABASE FUCKERY, STILL Missing two-factor authentication which is crucial in today's world, proper app design we were promised for both IOS and Android and a web client that could tie it all together.

How do I fucking know? I work in fucking game design for a God damned living and help Indi game makers design and finance their games enough to get their kickstarts off the ground and help them streamline the game development process for efficient use of funding and team management.

And Furcadia gave me that passion as a teen because of it's a simple way of dream weaving and patch designing. Yes while it inspired me to do this shit for a fucking living, these fucking cocksuckers who think "oh boo hoo, people just wanna bitch". Watching them not fulfill their Kickstarter OBLIGATIONS and PREY on their players made me want to do what I do. Their excuses of "it gets done when it gets done" is their code for NEVER! Meaning that transparency we've all been screaming for decades has never been there at all.

Also, the digo market is predatory AF
Not to mention dragon avatars were STOLEN from the original creator says another source and USED to make money on Furcdaia without the original artist's permission, Credit, OR Compensation.
This is a fun little read. Remember the prices if you brose the pages with the date forward function. This will be important later.

Classic wings info -

Introduction of the DIGO MARKET

Remember that 70% off sales people claimed later and earlier up on in the postings that the 70% off was all smoke and MIRRORS!!!

They were right!

Check out the prices on the digo market wayback page! They Haven't changed much now have they! LOL

And yes while being a fucking piss poor leader isn't against the law, and wasting funds isn't either, but lying about features that never came on a Kickstarter is why we are looking into a class action in the first place you dense motherfucker. It is ILLEGAL to misrepresent yourself in this country in such regard on a federal level. it is ILLEGAL to not provide the PAID FOR FEATURES to a game in a timely fashion and it is also a BREACH OF CONTRACT when signing up for Kickstarter and GROSS NEGLEGENACE on behalf of the owners of the game to not fulfill everything in a said timely manner. It's also ILLEGAL to post misleading information on sales and products in a gross manner (like the digo market proof above.) They have already stolen enough, pay now to develop digos and NOT PROVIDE FEATURES THAT were PAID FOR WITH THE PROMISE OF THE KICKSTARTER! Where are the voted-on features promised to thousands of players? What about the promise of better graphics across the board? Broader color pallets to select from? Nowhere that's where. All the while money went to make shit that wasn't even part of the Kickstarter. Oh but some of the digos were voted down, but because Katie wanted them, we got them and not what we had paid for. How about stealing patchwork from artists who made things for their own worlds in the game. The encyclopedia Dramatica has a tiny list of these on the Wayback machine and a ton more salt on furcadia as a whole, most of which (though poorly written in ED fashion) is no less true.

They have been close lipped with their communication, been toxic as fuck at ANY criticism against their damn game, all for the sake of having whatever imagined brownie points in the world other than Oh yea.. a world record? doesn't stand for shit when your leadership is toxic as a Chernobyl, and the "CEO" is a fucking weirdo who can't lead for shit and keep his "wife/whatever" in fucking check and ruining his business.

Furcadia owners suffer from the childish mentality of a 90's ere living fucks who think that hanging onto the past is something worth noting and people will stay because of "nostalgia" This reason they stick around is that furcadia is basically Furry YIFF 4chan on crack with a wild-west lawlessness that lets them get away with driving people to want to commit suicide, including their own staff.

There's one way to solve the funds' question. PROVE where the money went!! It's that simple. Billing statements, expenditure and expense reports, Salary of staff, payouts, bonuses, server costs, and so on. It would shut everyone the fuck up since it's "Clearly true all the money went into coding." But you know what, they won't, because they can't and then the real tea would come to light on how thousands of people know deep down in their intuition and instincts...


Michael (Cironir) has been a cock-waffle of a power-tripping asshole since he became guardian head who refuses to answer tickets if he doesn't like people and I have seen this complaint time and again from people who currently play and don't play anymore. Remember Mychelle? And all her alts being stolen? Yea. He didn't help a lick for one of the most influential alt traders and people who spent paychecks keeping those alts up to date with digos and secured. Way to treat one of the biggest purchasers of your product like dogshit Mike. I hope she's doing well. But how many hundreds of not thousands of players has he threatened, abused, manipulated, and intimidated into getting what he wants? I've known him to ban people who refused to give in to such strong-arm tactics. This piece of shit human being really needs to be fired. Flat out, End Point.

And these cocksuckers have the fucking audacity to shut down the forums, stop dreams from expiring, stop beekin classes (Katies personal baby and hands-on department), and offer proper support for people having issues within the game and with their accounts. Because boo fucking hoo, they said bad things and started criticizing us on our own platform. Fucking children.

They also claim anything said off their site counts as bullshit. Guess what assholes. the right to free speech outside your game and TOS counts for bullshit in the eyes of the court. So people have a fucking beef with your BS. Guess it comes from being shit people and not giving two licks about the players who remain to support your dying lifestyle.

How many people who have lived with them did they exploit for money? How many people do they still shmoose that draw art for them and romance for whatever reason on their manipulations? I know David does that, have seen logs from a person who used to be on good terms with him and has shown them images of hundreds of dollars in art commissions from -female- artists that David romances to get them to move in with them. He's as predatory as they fucking come alright. One of which he spent 300$ on an anniversary art drawing of gar, Emmie, and felorin all doing something. Tell me again where the money goes?

No wonder the game is fucking dying. These motherfuckers are stuck in 1996 for a fucking mentality and have YET to be progressive to the point of success despite the age of the game. Actually watching rape scenes go down in FurN, watching CHILDREN get access to the adult areas because of piss poor security for people, and seek out cyber with adults (which can get people a record and on the sex offender registry) .. I could go on. All because no one reports to the guardians because nothing will EVER be done and NO GUARDIANS EXIST TO BE ON!

Those who are on furcadia currently are subjecting themselves to the abuses of other players for lack of rules enforcements, lack of leadership, and being left to deal with toxic mind numbing issues on their own with little tools to deal with other than 'silence rule' and ignoring people, all of which are easy as shit to get around within seconds AND HAVE NEVER BEEN PROPERLY BACKED UP OR ENFORCED SINCE THE GAMES INCEPTION!

And the people defending the decisions and throwing a person's mental issues under the bus as an excuse to why he was quietly let go is bullshit but yet provided logs to back up his "mental illness" is bullshit. Where are your logs hmm? Who doesn't have mental issues nowadays? You person/sir/ma'am are a trash human being who belongs on 4chan with the rest of your fellow troglodytes. Everyone has issues, EVERYONE. Zali, a former guardian head also quit a long time ago due to the stress of shit going down AND BASICALLY BEING TOLD NO BY CIRONIR SHE COULD DO THE RIGHT THING. From what I heard, she became very suicial because of it. Sanctimonious, Churchward, Kashi, majas, the list goes on and on of people who threw up hands and walked away due to the bullshit that the management put them through.

How many people and players have we lost to suicide due to the shit the furcadia community, the guardians, and staff piled on to their already ongoing issues by not properly handling them in a timely fashion? When all they wanted to do was use the game as an escape to hang and chill with friends and found zero help for people bullying them because of their issues and got ZERO help and support and the furcdaia crap was just the icing on the cake of already bullshit life reasons?

Anyhow... In the class action, I am not looking to pursue MILLIONS.. just reimbursement for Kickstarter funds and reimbursement for those of whom bought any digo under the premise now of it being "70% off" when in fact they were NOT on sale and they LIED about it in their advertising which is in fact ILLEGAL by the FTC standards. And to possibly get compensation for everyone who contributed to the funds they spent. Nothing more. Yes while I'd like to strip the business away from them and make it better with a different set of leadership, as the prior poster pointed out, being a piss poor leader isn't illegal, just unethical and immoral.

So please keep barking anon about being a bad leader isn't illegal. Clearly, you're not a lawyer, and neither am I, but I have consulted lawyers on said matters.. and oh boy... this isn't looking good for DragonEye Productions LLC, or Catnip Studios.

Rage XX
ZombieDarx August 17, 2021 01:26:25 AM I count around 180 alts logged in to Furcadia.
Unknown how many of them are duplicates of the same people who log in several times over.
Most importantly the amount of actual active people is usually no more than 10 at any given moment.

I'm being quite lenient in their favor with the numbers as well, but the declining active player base can barely get any lower.

Not even sure if it's worth suing, not like there's any value in the pixels.
G August 17, 2021 03:12:50 AM Rage, funny you should mention Crunchward being paid in digos.
I’ve had staff ask to commission me before. My prices were very fair and I only accepted USD but they still only ever offered dragon scales. Thankfully I know my worth and didn’t get suckered into it.

Majas is James Talon, hence why I mentioned them.

Adding to their most recent exploitation of free work, Felorin streamed the entries of last years dream contest soon after they were released. The entrants still haven’t had results published almost a year later, whereas another contest that began after the fact had its results published months ago and expressed apologies for the long wait. So he got stream content out of them, but couldn’t be bothered to have someone judge the entries to reward the people who made the effort to create new content for the game.

Speaking on mental health and suicide, I do find it ironic that anon would criticise Sapphirus. Furcadia is an immensely toxic game at its core that has zero moderation. There have certainly been times where the behaviour of other people made me very sick and I feared for my safety. Certain people even made me contemplate suicide. They would follow me outside of the game to other platforms to harass me. There is zero concern for the safety of minors let alone adults. It’s disgusting. What the fuck do guardians actually do?

As for shady business practices (misrepresentation and whatnot) - you might be on to something there. Since this behaviour is ongoing in the marketplace, it might provide you with the foundations for a lawsuit.
Sapphirus August 18, 2021 12:12:08 PM Rage, it's nice to meet you! I've been on here a few times under anon but some ppl think everyone here is me talking LOL. I noticed you dealt with a lot of shit also with the game, and I decided for this post i'll put my name up.

During my experiences on Furcadia from 2016-17 before I was perma banned I was dealing with the worst times on Furcadia, and on the side dealing a spoiled delusional rich brat who paid trillions for alt names just to flex, act better than everyone and to be sucked off. A friend gave me the alt "Lawliet" which is L from Death Note anime, which she's been begging forever from the previous owner desperately, now enemies so she lost her chance, and when I got the alt, she had a shit fit and had Ciro and guardians after me claiming I was harassing her with him just being logged on the same map as her and the alt's desc referencing about taking justice against Light Yagami, which in the anime, they're enemies/rivals in the show so it was referencing the anime version of Light the whole time.

She had the alt Light and hilarious enough...took what I put in Lawliet's desc against her character ICly super seriously, she mass reported me claiming I was literally harassing and attacking her personally instead of the character she's using instead. So these drama times was when DEP, and Guardians showed me their worst side you can say, and it took someone who had money to get her way with lies and such, it was an excuse to go after me since I also get my stuff through art alone, because I wasn't gonna ever buy furcadia's overpriced pixel shit. You can say, people with money, DEP will support their lies over someone telling the truth who doesn't spend on their game, and Emerald Flame started harassing me in new AI, and lets just say when I called her out on her Kickstarter BS, she really got triggered and had Gar joining, altering my avatar when I afked etc, crying about my use of kitterdust, which is what THEY created for people to have fun with.

They wait til you buy things to harass you about after if you're using them in a way THEY hate instead of going by their promises of the use of the item, and they come up with accusations like it was others complaining instead, it's was always a one person complaint in the end which was them being the butthurt ones. Stukov was a guardian on the game who tried to hit on me, it was cringe asf because he was the one who was pestering me about the alt issues since he got butthurt I denied him before. Who the hell wants to a Furcadia guardian anyway, they're the worst people, 1st being DEP. So after I rebelled against Cironir and such on the game and in tickets, I got perma banned, and not from forums crap like that one person is lying about. I told Cironir to fuck off etc, and talked shit about EF and that's what triggered him most and set the perma bann in the end.

But yeah Rage, I got a FB page you can come on to check some screenshots I gathered about the DEP etc, Emerald Flame especially. Like here it's a free place for people to express their bad times with the game and the people in it.
G August 18, 2021 01:23:20 PM Sapphirus, I can attest to your issues with having your avatar altered by staff. When I used to attend events in game, pretty much without fail my avatar would be shrunk, moved or forced to sit by staff when I wasn't hurting anyone by it. They would comment as though it was a game but I just found it a bit irritating.

Probably sounds petty to complain about, but whatever. Why sell products to people that you don't allow them to use, right?
Sapphirus August 18, 2021 05:32:18 PM I actually didn't like going to their events usually avoiding them even, but the ONE time I go, they actually complained about me using a kittersized kiwi...which is no bigger than a dragon digo. Juliet who was part of DEP of some rank at the time found a reason to bitch about it and told me to go to normal size. Someone mentioned Majas on here, never liked them either because asshole personality, which is a DEP thing.

They're known for false advertising in that way, like the kickstarter custom avatar for example, they didn't tell anyone the size limits til AFTER ppl purchased it knowing they couldn't get refunds, and the limits was shit, no bigger than a Mythical ferian dragon and no taller than the anthro dragon or something and that caused complains also because ppl who wanted wings on their custom wasn't gonna get them on it so simple with those limits and with you paying 1k$, why the fuck is their so many limits to it anyway. Kitterdust was advertised to have all the fun with etc, but now Emerald flame cries about ppl using it in general, and seen her crying in a vid she posted while advertising the revamped maps. Complains yet refuses to refund people for it lol and she will get on you if you animate with it especially, which was one of the other fun part about some digos.

Yes it sounds petty, but when you invest in something, with a sales pitch with it, advertised on their digo market, sellers are suppose to stay behind their words, but this is DEP we're talking about....they don't give players that type of respect, they would respect a dragon dildo over their player base, and that's why their game is shit now so it's popcorn time for these moments.

They perma banned me but I get to see them burn in the end along with the people who caused me issues with them, last laugh moment you can say. This place is a great site where they can't silence people and you can talk all about them you want without bann threats they'll give you and it's good to see that the negative experiences outweighs the asskissing and false praises, i'm not alone in this.
Anonymous August 19, 2021 03:19:06 AM Sapphirus, you were asked not to use the maximum size of the kitterdust numerous times while idling at main map loading zones specifically because it would make the game experience poorer for new players. You were welcome to use kitterdust anywhere else on the main maps other than the landing zones. You weren't being oppressed, you were being asked to use an in-game function in a reasonable manner. A reasonable person would have acquiesced to this point instead of arguing about it again, and again, and again with admins who showed you limitless patience. If you use any in-game mechanic in the most obnoxious way in most any online game, staff are probably going to take notice and escalate when you prove to be determined to behave like a Karen. Simply because you purchase a Disney lifetime pass, it doesn't give you the right to stand just inside the Disneyland gates all day, every day performing Fortnite dances. In fact, it's a good way to be banned from Disneyland - lifetime pass or not - if you persist after being spoken with again and again. This falls under the same 'Creating a disruptive game experience for other players' catch-all that every single online game has in their terms of service.

They did not want to ban you. Despite refusing to abide the landing zone size requests, despite harassing another players in and out of game, they were still willing to only temporarily suspend when you became unruly you until you started threatening them if they banned you. All you had to do was not spam people with whispers insulting them in-game, not spam the forums with messages insulting them, and all would be well. Your crusade after all these years is one you have built on a false narrative of victimhood.

The game is in a terrible state and being managed poorly, but ultimately you are responsible for all the experiences that lead to a permanent removal from the game no one actively wanted to give you until you left them no other choice. There is no grand conspiracy against you at work, no one is working to silence you. Maybe someday you will come to terms with this, email them an apology and be allowed to come back.
Sapphirus August 19, 2021 11:03:14 AM Sorry, I don't apologize to people who bully others online, scam people in digo prices and in kickstarters, manipulate players, abuse power, police people off their games acting like they own non-Furcadia sites as part of an imaginary TOS condition, as in threatening banns, suspensions over someone talking negative about them or what's in their games on their own personal sites, and on FB especially (They have people watching for them).

Also your claim is BS because I was in other parts of the map and main maps where no one was with my werewolf or phoenix and i got BS whispers from guardians and such and when I animated afk in a quiet place DEP (Gar) would come and manipulate my avatar, so yes, I was oppressed because me and Emerald flame hate eachother and she had her minions targeting me ever since I talked shit about her on her False Kitterdust and kickstarter promises. Plus furcadia is the embodiment of Social Justic warriors, who get offended and triggered at everything. When you defend yourself in thei game against the makers, calling them out on their BS, they set their target at you instantly.

They don't value freedom of speech and punish you for it, they can't take criticism at all since they erase or tell publishers on their articles to erase bad comments that are legitimate about how their game REALLY is. A Karen you say? Lemme set my hair up for that actually, being a Karen is actually justified in THIS situation, im not white but I can do my best to dress the part! Also, some screenshots to share for all since DEP can't do shit to me now, they're in my Anti-Furcadia FB group, but i'll post here.

My experience with Ciro in tickets (he became an asshole after being nice in the past).


Here's how new AI was before EF medling on it.
(You get to see staff putting someone on the spot in system, it's sad lol).

EF issues, Tapu Fini is an alt since EF like an idiot suspended my main off the map. Kitterdust was normally used here by several people, all was fine and ok, then when EF started coming on the map around Furcadia's B-day, all of a sudden "people" are complaining about it LOL? If that was really true a guardian would've told me instead, DEP don't answer player's complaints in the help system.

(There's literally a button ppl can press to turn off animations, and it was never advised to others, instead EF made a bitchfest out of it instead.)

Posting concerns on forums = Bad it seems!

(A solution was posted in here also, but Ciro ignored it and closed threat like a coward. He's head of Guardians etc so telling him your concerns in general about them = pointless.)

Digos in general come with no conditions with their use but fun and enjoyment type advertisement (when I was having the issues). Kitterdust was "Be Tiny, be huge, be the envy of all your friends"= NOPE, use it the way DEP wants you to use it, not how you want to have fun with it.

Gar altering my digo when im afk, and places I enjoy my kitterdust/digo, which is in barely populated spots, it's TLdr, but places you see ppl at, are intense afk spots:

Me and friends moved to another spot after EF's BS, these are who I hanged out with and we all animated, enjoyed kitterdust etc, so in the end, the complaint was EF's only, she made it look like it was other people bitching about my kitterdust, it's easy to lie when you're Co-owner of a game where you have control over people.

Kickstarter and player complaints etc

I came to Felorin about Ciro and he didn't do shit about him in the end.

(Covered some friend's names up for protection.)

Proof DEP likes to police people off their game/sites, and I got suspended off the game from guardians based off that, I had drama with players off the game/forums and they called me harrassing them LOL. 2nd came with no proof, just accusations just because I didn't like someone on the game itself, Seeri was a lapdog of the guardians and came up with BS on other players, since several people on the RP site didn't like her either along with on the game.

(It's not a game's business what people do on their own free time, or personal websites just saying...) I come with screenshots of my claims, DEP and people accusing me of shit here don't.
Sapphirus August 19, 2021 11:27:16 AM Btw, in before DEP's minions say


-cough gag-
Anonymous August 20, 2021 12:03:22 AM You ought to be aware that one of the very first things a Karen does when confronted about their behavior on private property/a private website is complain about their freedom of speech.
Sapphirus August 20, 2021 02:44:33 AM You ought to be aware when the degenerate DEP defender troll loses, it's tail is tucked between it's legs and barks up nonsense. In your case not being able to take a fall but try to use other tactics to stay relevant. Got something to counter my claims with? Post some screenshots to prove me wrong, instead of typing out of your ass or i'll...need to


Sorry, I love the Karen meme a lot, so calling me one is amusing instead of insulting, send me a wig also, preferable blue, Mr. Kevin. :3
Sapphirus August 20, 2021 03:01:40 AM When you're insulted for having screenshots to share with no legitimate counter against them but someone's butthurt words, you know you're doing some damage! Because guess what? Furcadia can't do shit to me anymore and Ciro can shove it especially. I can show all the whispers and things I want, and you or them can't do shit about it, feels good man. >;D

Anyways Everyone, stay tuned for more insults, complaints and more fun posts slapped at me like:

•Being called Karen some more (really?..this is cute)
•Someone probably gonna say my art sucks
•Weight jokes or ED references
•Someone gonna say im bullying Furcadia
•Being accused of things without anything to back it up
•Emerald Flame offering wrinkled vagina shots for her staff to stalk me online after my screenies reveals!

•Ciro breaking his computer because he made himself look like Jesus to the people on Furcadia just to look like a dipshit cock in the end.

•Tld'r post about how much of an ass I am, something amusing, while not pointing out DEP's flaws.

•ETC (wait for it)
Anonymous August 20, 2021 07:21:12 AM Liberals and most democrats are toooo stupid to understand The First Amendment, they reee at everyone and call everything hate speech that if you told them breathing is racist and hate they would suffocate themselves to get woke; The person calling others Karen as an attack is these types.
G August 20, 2021 08:05:18 AM I tried to foster freedom of speech in my own dreams before. People got insanely butthurt with me and harassed me to death in whispers and on other websites because I tolerated certain opinions.

I told the offended people to use the ignore function and silence rule against people they simply couldn't tolerate - but no, it was always my problem.

I am always willing to listen to others, even if I can never see eye to eye with their opinion. In my eyes, everyone has a right to speak their mind. It's good to disagree with people sometimes, it's good to bring diverse perspectives together that sometimes clash. It's good to try and find compromise too.

Something funny about liberals, which I presume that most people on Furcadia are, is that they preach tolerance and justice but don't tolerate opinions that conflict with their own. Censorship isn't justice.

Someone mocked me behind my back for trying to promote freedom of speech in MY OWN dreams and said "Furcadia isn't America". Well, I presume its servers are based in America. It originated in America. Its owners are American. It may not be 'America' but it is governed by American and international laws. What a fuckwit thing to say. ;) Human rights should extent to the internet, and every human should have a right to speak freely. I am glad we can speak freely here.

I have spoken to many people on Furcadia who got edgy with me after I presented a disagreeable view (with evidence) to their own. They will try to change the subject they brought up, simply because I don't align with their views. They will cut me off or accuse me of being argumentative. Now I simply don't bother engaging with them. It truly is their loss.

And to those who advocate censorship, hiding reviews and preventing freedom of speech - you will stagnate as a person. We can never grow or learn as people without exposure to criticism and sometimes negativity or adversity. This is shown in the way that Furcadia has totally stagnated. They do not listen to our feedback and silence us.
Sapphirus August 20, 2021 10:17:05 AM I agree G, the majority population of Furcadia are far leftist types of people, and like DEP, they don't believe in freedom of speech, rather punishing you for it especially if it's something unjustified that they've done, and believe in cancel culture, and believe me they NEVER apologize when they're in the wrong and will make excuses for their decisions instead.

Last year I changed political sides realizing the one I was apart of was a lie for a long time and ultra crazy too and you can guess which one is that. I only went to that side because i'm told it fights for justice for minorities like me etc but it's BS in the end and just using us. As you witnessed, and I've always mentioned also, the ppl who preach tolerance, never practice what they preach.

There was never true privacy on the game, Ciro and other staff could check your business at any time on the game, including whispers and on map convos. I advocate for freedom of speech and agree to disagree type of mentality. If someone doesn't wanna have a conversation and just bark and yell "hate speech" constantly because someone doesn't live the lifestyle they do or have the same beliefs and morals, then they're the problem.

Furcadia is like the furry version of Twitter in a way, except it's more than just for chatting and posting pics and Fucadia servers are hosted in California I believe, the breeding grounds to these types of crazy people, which is a red flag already.....

I had to turn my whispers off from time to time because toxicity in the game, and guess what, they will blame you instead of the people harassing you....Supriseee!
Anonymous August 21, 2021 03:52:37 AM Sapphirus, you're a woman now in your thirties and normally I would say you talk and you act like a child if I didn't know you were a more stable and happier individual when you were younger. You have completely enveloped yourself in a cocoon of conspiracy theories, vitriol and an absurd persecution complex. Not only as it pertains to Furcadia, but everywhere else in your life. You rant and you rave about scams, social justice warriors, snowflakes and whatever other imaginary windmill you find yourself tilting towards with every passing week.

You expect people to debate you when you exist in a completely different state of reality than they do, with a perception of past events either willfully or unknowingly contrary to reality.

You believe Furcadia's owners are sending people to spy on your Facebook groups and your Discord servers to monitor you. You lash out at the drop of a hat. Anyone could take a single glance at your FurAffinity page alone and realize you are most likely the product of an undiagnosed schizophrenic disorder that unfortunately hit hard in your twenties with none of the people around you comfortable enough to point it out.

You're going to go through life grasping falsehoods that you believe with all your heart to be true, maybe because you've repeated them so frequently to yourself and others that you genuinely can't remember the truth of the matter, or maybe because that's just how you perceived it to begin with due to the state you exist in. The people you consider friends are going to cut themselves away from you with the passing of the years as your behavior becomes increasingly worse, until inevitably you become one of the people who scream into the void for anyone who will listen about whatever imaginary injustices you perceive in the world and whatever wrongs you think have been committed against you.

I hope one day you can return to the person you were when you were younger. There are people who care about you and hate to see you in the ever-diminishing state you're in.
Sapphirus August 21, 2021 08:45:46 AM Hmmm, trying to "lecture" me, whining about age ranges I'm and such when it comes to me? Sorry to tell you but you have no power to tell what to do because I'm not on furcadia anymore where you can try to control me through fear of banns and suspensions, along with more messing with my avatar while im afk. No more punching bags for you, or you'll lose the game completely.

Screenshot proof doesn't = Conspiracy theories, you got caught acting up along with more context added for ppl to see so if anything, you need to grow up, which DEP don't got the brain capacity to do....sadly. So making mental deficiency type of jabs at me with a hint of victimizing for you isn't gonna convince anyone that your game is less shitty, if so it would've been booming again by now.

Many here already know the truth even more now, that's why your game is suffering, and guess what, you rather blame the players instead of yourself which is the typical responses DEP and their lackies muster. Call me what you want in your fantasy world, i'm successful now with my art business, and I'm quite calm and clear in my state of mind, no longer having to deal with Fur drama, retard guardians whispering me with their personal grudges at me as an excuse to abuse power, Stukov being a narcissistic creep.

Most other people here are complaining about similar things i've said and you call me mental case because you're being exposed? Sorry, but you've lost this battle, you have no control to silence us anymore, on this site to be specific. I'm taking amusement in all this out of your expense so can't help if you find my way of getting even "acting like a child". Not my fault you're a stick in the mud!

"I hope one day you can return to the person you were when you were younger. There are people who care about you and hate to see you in the ever-diminishing state you're in." <----WTF is this delusional BS LOL, I was harassed and threatened on furcadia during these times, you WISH. I'm better as I am, awake and exposing your game's BS. You sound like a broken record weirdo who's being hypnotized to speak like you are, DEP got you good it seems.

They must be offering you some furry sexual favors lmfao. In that case, make sure your boss Ciro gets his ass cleaned by your mouth because he's always angry these days now, the noodle is wrinkled and turning to dust.

(Don't get triggered by this, no, I need a laugh!) :3
Alex August 21, 2021 09:17:14 AM Funny how the last Anon has been giving sore loser responces toward Sapp ever since those link screenies was revealed and we be laughing in discord. and speaking of thaat its a manual member approval only server now so no on can just come in anymore

..........keep up the laughs! gonna need sum Flex tape to patch these Furc egos as DATS ALOT OF DMG! *Drinks teas*
FurcadiaUser August 21, 2021 10:37:53 AM Stealing art is only the tip of the iceberg furcadia has done. they even rip off other creatures from animes, movies etc and sell them as an ongoing digos they should be sued. Snagged this out of Sapps group long ago
Rage against the machine August 21, 2021 11:19:40 PM Saph,

Thank you for the screenshots. I will be adding them to the pile that is collecting on my desk. And will be in touch once I find a decent enough thing to contact you through Facebook in private. To protect my own identity (as I still have friends who play who give me info from time to time who are close to the heads and owners I don't want retaliated against in any fashion) I'll be making a way for you to reach me.


Ciro has always acted with unprofessional behavior using personal attacks twisting people's words and threatening outside site opinions with in-game bans. He has had more than one competent guardian under his thumb rage quit because of their bullshit for having to enforce his bullshit arbitrary rules nazi regime. Or how about telling someone not to apply for a guardian spot (5+ years after an incident) because he couldn't trust them because of "their recent behavior" (despite there being NONE SINCE THE FIRST INCIDENT) and would never ever hire them as a guardian despite said applicant getting meds, counseling, and proof of changed contributing behavior in other beekin programs in the game with exemplary behavior. (as he is gonna read this I hope he thinks about how many people he's done that to. and it's not just been one) How is this not damaging to a person's self-esteem, their moral compass to a game they dedicated their young life to. This little self ego-stroking pisshead seriously is another major reason the game is dead. Along with Kaitlin (emerald flame), they make a very lovely couple of co-cycling narcissistic power abuse couples.

Let us not forget the recent report I got through a channel that they are about ready to do a chargeback on PayPal for a digo not being delivered after money was taken, order finalized, and it's been over 4 weeks for her to get her thing. Despite tons of messages using the ticket system, emails to the order @ email, and so on being read and flat out ignored and unanswered. Again, Ciro's department handles the complaint, and Emmie handles the digo market. How many have not filed chargebacks or called their credit cards, or been harassed when items were not delivered, and in fact, people were too scared to press the issue?

How about arbitrarily changing the rules about transferring dream packages from the Kickstarter that lasted forever? That they were the ownership and property of whoever possessed them but when people started bailing and selling their packages, They would have lost a ton of money with monthly subscriptions so they axed the transfers BUT if you kiss their ass, stroke their ego enough you can contact gar, Emmie, fel or Ciro to pay for one outside the digo market purchases for almost double the cost of the Kickstarter in one go? AFTER the Kickstarter was done? Some world package dream holders have done this and told me years ago they had bought them after the fact to save some money in the long run. Other Kickstarter exclusives are being sold after market and -don't tell anyone- speil from Ciro and Emmie is really garbage.

they should know by now..... people talk...

I think Saph covered their grievances well enough with nice documentation.

The simple facts are....

Their TOS ONLY applies to their site, and CANNOT arbitrarily apply to another person's site, and in fact YES telling people to remove their shit and stop their off-site opinions flys in the face of the other sites TOS and the free speech granted to us in the constitution and upholdable by whatever laws and such of the nations said websites are housed on. (yes while you may be held accountable for your opinions, should they be racist, defaming in such a manner to cause alarm or harm to another person) A person's opinion is their right of expression and furcdaia has ZERO power to enforce that on another person's site. Policing reviewers of comments made means the people working on the articles are trash journalists and their articles should be discounted out of the gate as a proper opinion of furcadia as a whole due to deliberate censoring similar to what dictators do in their spheres of influence on a global political scale. So there is that golden wisdom. IT IS ACTUALLY HARASSMENT in most states to STALK and threaten someone in a manner that causes them ALARM and undue stress, worry, and yes depression to the point of trying to kill themselves. (you reading this Ciro you absolute tool) and can in some instances net jail time and fines, prosecuted for murder in the united states now under federal bullying laws, and depending on the county, state, and jurisdiction.


Still looking for an attorney even willing to consider taking this thing on if it's going to go forward.

Honestly, (and this is my personal opinion here so take it as you will...) Fucking speak your mind, Facebook, blogs, whatever. If you got treated well, then speak up, if you got treated like shit, also, speak up! Do so anonymously or not.. what are they going to do? ban their last 300 or so remaining players??? Then fucking what? They will only have themselves to run around fully empty maps and wank of and go wah wah our players abandoned us...

You deserve what you get fuckers.

but they will still blame everyone but themselves...

Typical fucking child temper tantrum bullshit.

I want to collect these stories good, bad, or indifferent; grievances for a possible case, ways to reach people with contact info. I understand a lot of people sounding off here are scared to fucking death of getting banned from a place that built so many memories or stalked offline by the 2 or 3 fanatical loyalists (which I'm pretty sure I know who those cocksuckers are that are still left on their staff). In today's shit world with the pandemic and our happy things on hold, canceled, or otherwise gone, I would be too. We have to hang onto the things right now that make us happy amidst the pandemic as we are. I know a lot of people have poured tons of savings into this game, alts, digos not only for themselves but others, dream packages, silver sponsorships, the list goes on and on.

Does anyone notice furc slowing down too? Longer load times? longer times to load dreams from the server? Because a couple of my buddies who noticed load times are longer into dreams, and loading the game, the website, and the like... Wonder if they're hosting the server out of their home due to the player base being so small. In one of your screenshots saph with Fel, he said sales were WAAAY down... funny.

On a final thought...

If they had held their staff to the unwritten behavioral agreement they expected of their players.. this game would be in a MUCH better state. I tell my clients that they should write behavioral contacts for their staff for interacting and dealing with players, much like a big corporation customer service training manual. It legally covers your ass and prevents shit like this from fucking happening... But when the harassment abuse and mismanagement are from the owners, it tends to set the tempo of the game.

Anyhow, I don't mean to ramble ... I'll be in touch Saph.

Rage XX
Sapphirus August 22, 2021 02:27:52 AM Thank you Rage, you're more than welcome to use the info, as I hope one day that you or someone else take them down.

They like to type and talk down to you like they're better than you, trying to make it seem like they wanna help you and better you while insulting you in the process (aka the boring Anon aiming at me the two times after I made that long post, trying to say I was "more stable" when I was younger aka the times they tried to push me around and manipulate me. DEP never apologized to me for what they've done to cause me strife, thus is why im happy to see their game go down and die, and see justice happen against them possibly. I didn't mind revealing my name now since I wanted to show it when I posted sources about them, since under Anon, someone would give them the credit, and there's no shame in keeping yourself under cover as I assume many ppl here do still play the game or work for them, and this is the only place mainly where DEP has no influence over the site creator or can get these posts removed.

Furcadia has allowed bullying on their game for so long also, another contribution to people leaving, this happened in the mid 2000's with me to 2011, my true harassment started in 2007. Guardians were afraid of FurN trolls so they stayed out of it, and at that time I was sorta new to the game, and my artwork was quiet bad at the time, but I had so much confidence in it that no one could tell me otherwise, and that was when I got a lot of hate on it, and was harassed a LOT on there by ppl and their alts after I did the silence rules. I didn't know about the Whisper-off command then, though DEP wouldn't do shit about it. I've got some screenies to share atleast, sadly it's all I got from those times unless I find more.

• A dream made to bash me, which guardians ignored when reported, they even used my artwork for the ports in the dream: (Reno wearing it in his colors)

People made alts of my name or similar and made fun of me also, you can say this was all because I refused to run from FurN trolls, so they went after me in all ways after, there was even an ED (Encyclopedia dramatica) article made of me from the ringleader (Doladdar being the creator), so that's when this really escalated. I was followed into other dreams as well as summon spammed by troll names too.

• Where it all started, I refused to leave this spot here and ppl there but a few joined in on harrassing me when I just sat there and tried to be nice, this was a screenie some time after when shit went down, some nice ppl were here. (Furn Fires)

•Other screenies of harassment

(someone gave me this so they censored)
I've had to battle all these people on my own mostly, even with some friends giving me moral support on the side. DEP stayed hidden and guardians only acted like they was doing something about it, but it only got worse. The game supports bullying as a whole in general, and if trolls got connections to the guardians especially, they won't bother to do shit, yet got the nerve to complain about me when it comes to having trouble with others OFF their game. Due to the lack of bully control at these times, I was skeptical in trusting anyone anymore on the game, as there was someone almost always trying to get close to me to gain material into making my game experience as bad as possible, but I thank God I survived it all, I started Furcadia around 2004-05.

If you ever wanna get intouch with me, you can get me at these places.


IF you got a discord I can add, let me know as mine is hard to add due to emojis.
LadyWind August 22, 2021 03:30:16 AM Sapphirus's bringing out all the steel, well done! Wish you people luck against these imbeciles as im happy I quit Furcadia long ago as an ex helper.
ZombieDarx August 22, 2021 06:53:52 AM As a Centrist, Furc is full of far lefties. I've seen their Twitter feeds and those left at the top believe in far left conspiracies and equally have no grasp of reality. So a bunch of pedophile enablers don't exactly have any moral high ground to be preaching to others. It's very much attacking outsiders from a glass house. If only they'd practice what they preached and weren't so hypocritical they wouldn't have so many haters. Unfortunately that's not a reality they're prepared to deal with. Looking forward to more bootlickers using the "you're crazy on the internet, trust me I'm a psychologist" rant. There is a very good reason there are more people against Furcadia than for it.
Sapphirus August 22, 2021 11:04:52 AM I remember when Ciro told me to stop reporting about the pedophiles in FurN which I did several times to the guardians, that's when I knew he lowkey didn't care, so yeah, DEP being pedophilia supporters was the conclusion I came to in the end and even hearing Ciro grooming underage people in the game in the past some time after I was banned.

There's many players there who do ageplay RP and that's not in the older range side either....., and why do I have a feeling that's Ciro typing at me in the last posts, and the "younger" preference is creepy too....
Anonymous August 22, 2021 08:31:22 PM "We're not the baddies. You can't blame us. All that online bullying and mental abuse we put you through as evident by the screen shots is justified because we say you're crazy. I'm totally innocent"

Denial always worth a try when you're faced with the realisation of what you are, I guess.

Yeah I know they'll try and twist this around, it's what they do. Such is their nature that it's predictable.
Anonymous August 23, 2021 07:11:35 PM Felorin's not as nice as you ppl think....
Anonymous August 30, 2021 01:14:53 AM Tbh, FUCK FURCADIA, go die in a fire!
Anonymous September 09, 2021 02:26:18 PM how's the lawsuit coming
Anonymous September 14, 2021 07:52:30 PM Someone's nervous.
Anonymous September 21, 2021 10:41:54 PM Ikr, lawls.
Anonymous September 23, 2021 07:33:15 AM Furcadia is closer to the end of its road. I've asked many people why they keep coming on. It's because of "habit". Not because they enjoy the game or even where it's going. It's just a chatroom. Furcadia was all about creativity at its time and for one split second, maybe for a few years, people enjoyed dreamweaving, art, etc. No one even creates dreams any more. They're only keeping the old, popular dreams like Mystic Homes because of "habit" and "nostalgia". They don't like where it's going. It's just a chatroom to idle in and minimize.

Furries get a furry high when they jerk off in FurN. Apparently, FurN is the only temporary "feel good" place to hang out in. Even then, these oversexualized furries will whisper you like you're easy and available. There isn't any respect. If you're going to make Furcadia a welcoming place for "everyone", prove it.

The volunteer program is a joke when their isn't any advertisement of Furcadia itself to bring in players. What are you going to tour them around and show them? That FurN is the most popular main map on Furcadia? Not everyone who joined Furcadia joined because of furry porn, but because there was a true, friendly community.

If DEP isn't going to do anything to fix these issues, regardless of monetization issues, give Furcadia to people who will cherish and know how to manage. Don't put it to the side again. It isn't the players that fail, it's management...DEP. DEP, you let Furcadia fail. Shame.
Rage against the machine October 01, 2021 12:15:49 PM Tossing this here

Caught covid, still trying to pull through. Was in the middle of my vaccination series when a coworker showed up to work with it Asymptomatic and exposed the entire workplace since we work in a small company. If anything happens to me, god forbid, my work on the lawsuit project is being passed off with all my notes to someone who will keep digging. And will notify yall if i do kick the bucket.

I wouldn’t have known to get tested before my symptoms started showing if not for the phone tracing options. I tested positive 4 days before the breathing issues started. Now my entire family and my kids are under quarantine from their schools and jobs, and I'm laying here in a hospital bed with this shit. And hoping beyond a hope i pull through this shit. While i myself am not scared to pass, what i leave behind terrifies me that they will have to figure life out without me.

Please, for the love of whatever god(s) you worship, or beliefs you hold. Get vaccinated, wear a mask, anything. And ffs, sanitize and wash your friken hands. Ppl in the USA have become complicit and lazy with their anti-vax bullshit. I know, y’all don’t t want this on this thread, however, covid-19 delta variant is NO JOKE. ive all already talked to my lawyer to update my will, and make arrangements in the event this shit takes me out of this world. All while on oxygen, hooked up to monitors, and only getting worse by the day. Coughing fits that is the worst pain i have been through, so bad I dry heave.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Im gonna go flirt with my nurses some more looking like a mess, because fuck it, why the hell not. This old man wants his earthly indulgences while he can.

Rage XX
T October 04, 2021 07:44:52 PM I've never played the game, given its creators any money, and I have no stake in whether it lives or dies. But it's not hard to see why some of the people commenting here would have been banned from any community.

If you can't express yourself without continually filling the comment box with some of the most offensive misspelled all-caps profanity English has to offer, rants about politics, and accusing all of your many enemies of screwing kids, you were probably pretty toxic to be around. Still are, by the sounds of things.

I don't have to have made a character or signed on to recognize what personality and conduct disorders look like. Banned four years ago from a game that few have ever heard of and it still lives rent-free in your head - that's impressive.
Anonymous October 05, 2021 09:44:21 PM Furcadia justice system in a nutshell:

"We have evident of you doing something bad"
"Can I see this evidence so I can defend myself?"
"Defend yourself? We've already decided you're guilty. Your input is not required. Have a nice ban"

All I'll say is that if Facebook can be hacked (twice) then Furcadia can definitely be hacked (twice).
G October 07, 2021 07:22:45 PM Wishing you a speedy recovery, Rage!
Anon October 09, 2021 03:06:26 AM Gonna keep my name off here for this post but yes im anti-vaxx because there's some shit ppl aren't reporting on the media about vaccinated people still getting covid and dying from aka hospitalized, it's not specifically a non-vaccinated issue. Those vaccines are causing deaths itself, blood clots, even gaining covid from them, since vaccines are made from dead diseases it's made to counter, even with low chance there's a chance to get it, like the flu shots can potentially give you the flu, reason some people say "I get as sick as a dog".

I take my vitamins, specifically D3, keeping my immunity up for over a year now, only wear my mask on my mouth where it's required and leave it completely off outside, i've been quite fine. I will never trust the covid vaccines, they was made too fast, and if it was so great and not risky, Democrats wouldn't be forcing people to take it, and pick between their lively hoods or being fired aka mandatory and tell people how to dictate their bodies.

Also, calling people liars and labeling them as spreading "misinformation" when they reveal the BS it causes in their own experiences. Facebook etc suppresses those posts and if they didn't have anything to hide about the vaccines, they wouldn't be silencing and banning people for calling out it's dangers.
Sapphirus October 09, 2021 08:38:06 AM Hope things go well for you Rage, keep hanging, we'll need you!
Anonymous October 09, 2021 07:09:16 PM T you shouldnt be talking about rent free. Your most likely someone working for DEP trying to be take the high horse role, talking shit to look better than us, you most likely sucked their teets a lot living rent free in their orgy house just like the rest of their ass kissers. Nice try though, we still gonna expose your Owners here and you can't stop us.
Echo October 09, 2021 11:14:06 PM Update:

Rage went on a ventilator tonight. I'm spending time with his family since they can't be with him. We can use all the positive thoughts anyone can muster, please.
T October 10, 2021 09:48:58 PM Anon's response, summarized: "I have no real arguments and I can't actually refute any of what you said, so have some more of the toxic behavior that required banning in the first place."

Because it showed your character so well the first dozen times. How's that holding up? Maybe I'm not intimidated enough - better shout louder, maybe in all caps this time. Keep trying! You'll make all the friends this way and convince them all that you're right... someday.

Maybe you haven't figured it out. So I'll simply ask what kind of hold this game has on you. It looks like the kind where you can't seem to move on (years later) and find something that brings you more pleasure.

You know, like a healthy, normal human being.
Anonymous October 11, 2021 08:08:10 AM The only thing sadder than what T claims is the fact something they haven't any involvement in lives rent free in their head. Imagine coming back for a follow up whinge about others whinging about others. The lack of self awareness is pretty funny though.

Do what you want, feel what you want, think what you want, say what you want. You don't need the validation or approval of anonymous people online. The internet was created to communicate.
Anonymous October 12, 2021 12:18:27 PM The internet wasn't created to communicate, in fact, it was made to be lazy. And watch a coffee pot, by bored engineers. And it kinda exploded from there. So here we are, bitching on the internet, which has always been a thing also; for those of us old enough to remember. oh, and pictures of cats!
Anonymous October 13, 2021 10:06:10 PM No, the internet *was* created to communicate. The trouble is that it's a purer medium to communicate than others. in a published work, there is time to think. Time to be corrected, peer reviews. In a public statement, there is usually time to think, people around you. In person, you have the emotional connection of someone's face and the context around you to sway you and temper your heart and thoughts. And, (sometimes) these mediums are more filtered.

The internet, more specifically, social aspects of the internet, is a pure window to the heart of man. I realize I am new here and I have no real say in what Furcadia was like, or what the people here who are angry have experienced, and I did not read super thorough regarding the accusations against the staff.

But, when I read the toxicity and pure vile hatred and just plain evil comments here, I don't see something that is good, that is kind, that is not self seeking, or that is graceful and patient. I do not see something that will be remembered, or will change things for the better, or will lead to even the freedom of the person writing it.

I see pain, anger, hatred, and waste. Words that will be judged, and then forgotten. Words that will hurt, and be otherwise useless.

Should there be a better new, Furcadia? I think so. Should the people who have allegedly ruined it be held accountable? Probably. Should the people hurt by it be chastised for being angry and feeling hurt? No. But should we, as people, let ourselves be monsters?

You make yourselves no better than your accused when you behave as some of you have in here. Love your neighbor, and your enemies, and God. And these are the greatest commandments. Nothing beyond love will last. Furcadia will eventually move on, maybe it will just exist as small community of mostly friends doing what they like to do, or maybe it will have a resurgence, but eventually it will pass away

So will the internet. What will you have then? At the end of time when the earth itself is gone, if not love, what will you have? Love each other. Forgive. Find the time to move on instead of wasting your days in petty grudges over a video game that ultimately has already met the consequences of bad leadership.

Spend time giving people something to remember that is worth remembering.

As for me, I think I'll try to make some friends in what's left of Furc, and bookmark this page to see where it goes. I know some of what I said might sound dismissive of things people have experienced on here, and like I said, I really haven't been a part of Furc in a grand way. But I do know people, and people behave the same everywhere. It's easy to hate and turn and allow the hate and pain caused by others to make you bitter. It takes strength to love and forgive.

Make no mistake, I make no defense of anything the Furc staff or whomever may have done in the past. I just think that at this point, if people can't move on, they are spending too much time on the internet.
Anonymous October 13, 2021 10:11:12 PM Oh, and Rage is in my prayers. I hope he makes it through. If anyone is still reading, updates whenever possible will be appreciated.
Jach October 14, 2021 04:22:44 AM Today marks the 10th anniversary of this post! All the comments here have brought quite the amusement over the decade, even the spicy or toxic ones. Hearing that one of you may be dying, may already be gone since the odds once going on a ventilator aren't good, might be the biggest wtf... I share the hope you make it through, Rage. The last two years have been something else in all sorts of ways.

I'll leave everyone with another video, mainly useful for those trying to design multiplayer experiences in games.

Anonymous October 27, 2021 10:53:19 AM
G October 27, 2021 08:04:41 PM Fancy seeing you here, Jach!

Echo - any updates on Rage's condition? They're in my thoughts, I hope they're stable/on the road to recovery.
Anonymous October 28, 2021 06:11:50 AM Man, this is one hell of a rollercoaster ride.
Rage against the machine October 30, 2021 09:05:26 PM Greetings all, I'm not dead, thank fuck. Was close a couple of times. Doctors finally let me out of the covid unit, can't talk much right now due to "vent burn." My cohort at this point is with the wife and kids making sure they're taken care of and they are stepping up to help care for the family along with doing leg work for me as I type this from my hospital bed. Thank you EVERYONE for your good wishes and good vibes. I still have a long road ahead of me for recovery and such, and will more than likely deal with a lifetime of disabilities because of this crap. So on with the update.

My cohort did some digging and talking to some lawyer friends of theirs, and found that in MOST states statute of limitations HAS passed for this kind of thing. HOWEVER!!!! Filing a grievance with some of the links posted earlier this year will bring this to light as to the blatant secrecy around such a business as Dragon eye Productions and Catnip Studios. We're still digging into business registrations, and the fact that the business has bounced a few times for addresses and registrations makes it a bit harder to track from what my cohort is saying. I honestly wonder if the IRS got any of its allotted taxes from the Kickstarter? Or any of the Paypal monies at this point since my cohort is also a game designer and takes digital payments here in the USA. The fact the Kickstarter was run out of San Francisco at the time, according to the second dreaming website, puts it in California jurisdiction. So we will be shuffling off there and contacting Kickstarter itself in the coming weeks with the information we have gathered and see if anything can be done there to at least not let any of the DEP team run another one for ANY reason whatsoever.

In reading up on things, yes, I understand people think this might be a petty squabble, and I assure you it's not. For those of us who put money into this game (especially during the Kickstarter) only to have ALL the promised stuff STILL not put into place and now told "there's not enough funds and stuff is expensive" means they grossly underestimated how much they could exploit the work of the people giving them time and effort (even today.)

So in light of some things, Echo and I will, in fact, be tag-teaming info together and knocking our heads against a wall as we move to dig more into this and find out what if anything can be done. Now since I won't be able to work anymore, I got nothing but time on my hands.

Rage XX
Potato November 25, 2021 07:30:05 PM Glad you're alive, Rage.

See, what happened to Rage is why you faggots should get vaccinated. Fucking yourselves over to own the libs isn't impressive, no one is offended, the libs just think you're a fucking retard but are too nice to call you a retard to your face. Most libs are sitting there wondering how out of 250 million sperm the one that created you won.

But back to Furcadia, you're right that Statue of Limitations exists and it's not really possible to sue them for stuff and other routes have to be taken.

I want to see them burn for how predatory they have been to young enthusiastic creators.

I want them to burn for the staff member who died because they didn't provide health insurance.

I want them to burn for how they have underpaid, exploited, and shorted people of honest pay for honest work.

I used to love Furcadia and I want it to survive and bounce back but they can't do that unless they cut out the cancer (EF), get their shit together, and actually work instead of fucking around playing other games.

If they can't get any coders, they need to get off their asses and do it themselves even if it means sending Emerald Flame to community college to learn a to code.

I can't believe these fucks let it get so bad.
echo December 04, 2021 04:17:55 PM It has come to mine and Rage’s attention that Saphirrus has passed away Oct. 21st from complications of Covid-19. This was confirmed by friends in the FAZ/FAM discord from people on Saph’s facebook page.

Please be respectful of her family and friends during this holiday season.
Anonymous December 09, 2021 09:31:30 PM Earlier in the comments here someone was railing against vaccinations and claiming they only wear their mask when absolutely required to. They claimed that they were doing just fine taking vitamins.

Sapphirus tragically and senselessly passed away when she could have lived. Her twitter header will forever be marked by her anti-vaxx stance, her personal facebook header will forever be marked by her anti-mask stance.

I am sure if Sapphirus had recovered she would want you to take covid more seriously than she did, Anon. Your vitamins aren't going to protect you. This pandemic has killed enough people who believe their stance in regards to a mask or a needle somehow defines them as a person. If you're unlucky, all it really defines are the numbers on your gravestone.
Anonymous December 12, 2021 04:46:18 AM I can't imagine preaching on someone else's grave to push the agenda. Conformists of the holy church of Scientology are so vile.
Anonymous December 12, 2021 09:20:56 AM Sapphirus literally died because of that sort of mentality, that this is all nothing more than an agenda being pushed by conformists, and you are so far up your own ass that it hasn't even given you the faintest moment of introspection.

You are such a broken person that this has become your identity as a human being. It is engrained into you as an example of Us vs Them tribalism bullshit, even in the face of people you know dying from being so entrenched into that insanity. The greatest kindness you could do in Sapphirus's memory is to learn from her mistakes, wear a mask, get vaccinated and encourage the same of your lived ones. The alternative is that her death really was completely in vain, that she ended up saving no one.
Rage against the machine December 13, 2021 08:40:35 AM My two cents, as someone who's survived a very bad bout of the Delta variant.

I don't know how many people I heard (who are unvaxed/anti-vaxed) while I was getting sicker, beg to get vaccinated, before they shoved a tube down their throats; realizing they would not be alive at the end of their sedation. The begging, the pleading, the coughing and the desperation in a person's voice I will never forget as long as I live. Hell, even I didn't think I would make it.

Let's look at some facts, shall we? THE ONLY country in the world that has 100% vaccination status, is.... can anyone guess it?

The rock of Gibraltar.

With a population of just over 32K citizens and an extra 14k-18K coming into the country daily for work, that gives a population of 36-40K of people who are 100% vaccinated.

in 2021, they have had 4, yes 4 deaths from covid due to a very strong herd immunity within their borders.

And while in this country we live in the USA, it's our right not to get vaccinated, but you wonder why we had 195 deaths last night alone (in the last 16 hours at the time of this posting) and Est 796k since this whole thing began. nationwide we have had 49.9m infections alone.

while it is a numbers game, and while I got very very sick and myself planned to not survive, here I am. I am blessed, by whatever cosmic powers that be wanted to keep my angry ass around longer to torment you fuckers.

What happened with saph, was tragic. and unfortunately are yet another statistic of the anti-vaxer movement. I would not wish that death on anyone. It hurts, physically, to breathe still, my sense of smell, still completely gone, and my sense of taste isn't what it use to be. I would hope, nay, pray to whatever forces would listen, that people would put aside their hate for science and see that this is in fact bigger than one person, that we as an entire community (be it local, national, or international) look at the greater good of beyond our selfish needs to "stick it to the man."

Saph's death was probably preventable, and that's a simple fact. if not for her views, we might still be having a conversation with her and her cantankerous nature. Am I going to miss her? Absolutely! Just another in the long list of people we've lost over the years on our little corner of the internet.
Anonymous December 16, 2021 09:46:26 PM Obits or it didn't happen.
G December 22, 2021 09:03:35 AM For real? Why would someone lie about her death, especially in times like these? Look at her socials, she hasn't been active for months and her comments are full of tribute messages.
Rage against the machine December 25, 2021 10:38:16 AM Good morning Dev 16th Anon,

Fuck you, and whatever high horse you rode in on. Obits are fucking expensive, and if you are that fucking curious, go look for your god damned self you toxic piece of shit. A woman died, have some fucking respect jackass. The Faz/Fam community owners and mods vetted stuff as they do before the news was released and it's been verified by friends of Saphs and saphs own mother on her page.

May you have the life you fucking deserve.

And merry yule for the rest of you. Love your friends and family as you will. Life is precious.

Rage XX
G December 28, 2021 08:10:35 AM Happy Holidays Rage!
Anonymous January 26, 2022 06:57:34 PM Well there is currently a tombstone called "Sapphy" sitting in Furcadia. So it seems that they allow the trolls to mock the dead, as long as it's not one of their (the trolls) own.
Anonymous January 28, 2022 05:02:04 PM how much you wanna bet its cironir or emmie, or another of the commune members pulling bullshit for them? (yes this is speculation.) because impersonating someone is against the tos, but that person needs to complain. Anyone got a lead on a necromancer ffs???!!!! at this point i'm just fucking done. my mountain of GOOD digoed alts are rot for all eternity. my money can go to better things, like donating to an art cause in Saphs name. fuck you furc, you horrible abusive owners and pieces of utter shit. Your trash humans. go die in a pile of your own excriment.
No going back February 10, 2022 11:02:33 PM Saph's death is Furcadia's last coffin nail. Her experience now defines what Furcadia truly is. There is no redemption. They can't go back and do the right thing. They can't make amends. They can't undo the trolling and grief they caused. They can't undo their addictive arbitrary bannings they are now known for. The trolls are now either part of the staff or good friends with them. There may be afk husks littering Furcadia and perhaps a gathering or two of yesmen people messaging each other, but Furcadia is well and truly dead. Dead for a long time. A death it deserves. It makes its celebration as "the longest running MMO" quite a farce. As all things come to an end, so too has Furcadia ended. Some people are happy, others angry and some may be sad. The thing that killed Furcadia in the end is the simple truth: Nobody cares.
Anonymous February 12, 2022 01:05:22 AM Sapphirus was insignificant to Furcadia as a whole outside of her friend group, and she was a persistent toxic element to the game outside of that group, its playerbase and the staff. The only reason that she wasn't unbanned was her decision to go on an abusive crusade, alongside a refusal to apologize for the actions that ultimately lead up to her permaban. She became obsessed with the idea that she was somehow important or relevant to the game, its staff a windmill to tilt at amidst a bizarre persecution complex. She made many poor decisions.

If she were a more level-headed, rational and reasonable individual she would be sitting in Allegria or Furrabia right now, and she would be able to enjoy FF7R later this year.
Anonymous February 12, 2022 08:57:15 PM Looks like we got another guilty conscience trying to justify their malice. Not surprising from a Pro-Furcadian bootlicker. Be sure to buy more digos.
Jenifyer April 11, 2022 06:56:45 PM I am one of the few who still logs in regularly into Furcadia. I have a small group of friends who I've known for 12-15+ years that I chat with in between doing IRL things or playing other games. They are the only things keeping me on this "game" (if you want to call it that). Most of us sit AFK except for sporadic periods throughout the day. #Adulting or wuteva.

While I largely agree with much that has been said already regarding DEP's mismanagement of Furcadia, what hasn't been discussed is the lack of communication with their player base. If, as others had suggested, DEP ran out of money from paying coders for The Second Dreaming (I find this hard to believe; $250k for coders alone?), then they should have outlined costs and been transparent. In my opinion, this became the ultimate death of Furcadia -- a sharp drop in players over the years that eventually bled the game bone dry of life. The lack of transparency makes players revert to the assumption that they've been scammed because they haven't seen or heard of any progress. Seeing that DEP STILL has not formally addressed the funds and updates on the project I legitimately do think that backers got scammed. I half wonder if this was the intention all along, or if they just said "fuck it" as they realized how much of a hole they dug themselves into by not being transparent from the very beginning. Fucking dumpster fire of a decision.

I also wanted to put my two cents in regarding Emerald from a former Beekin point of view. She certainly put on a fictitious show of being sweet as pie toward the public but utilized disrespectful and passive aggressive language with those around her behind the scenes. My face must have looked like surprise fucking Pikachu the first time I encountered her like that after I became a Beekin. How are you going to be rude to people who volunteer their free time to help your game run smoothly?! I believe she also played favorites. I was a green badge Helper Beekin several months before Stukov became a Helper. I put in more volunteer hours per week, I always maintained friendliness with the community and extended a helping hand with events and expressed interest in helping to grow the Beekin program. Quite some time later, Kat (Emerald) revealed that a Head position was opening for the Help Beekins and I applied, as did Stukov. Low and behold, Stukov ended up getting the position irrespective of my time and energy put into the program because he was buddies with Kat. At least if it weren't going to be me, it should have been a more senior green badge Helper that got the position. Stukov was still so new to the program. In hindsight, after such crass mismanagement being revealed after all these years, it finally makes sense. But never fucking again. I immediately stopped volunteering my time after that.

With that being said, I personally did not have any poor experiences with the other DEP employees. Gar, in particular, is a genuinely nice person.

Regarding Saph's death, I didn't know them but just scrolling through their responses to anti-vax propaganda and spewing anti-LGBTQ+, anti-"leftist" talking points, please go get vaccinated. COVID isn't an opinion, it's real and it's severely hurting and killing people. If you're scared or unsure about the data behind COVID and the vaccine, please DM me on Furcadia (Jenifyer) and I would be happy to pull out third party peer review (aka non-big pharma) studies for you so you can make the best decision for yourself and your loved ones. I do research every day and understand the precautions around biases in research and can help explain the peer review process and how to cross-examine sources if that is something you want. If you decide not to vaccinate, that's totally your choice but I'd be happy just to help sift through the confusion of academic articles if it's helpful for you!

Take care of yourselves, stay safe.
G April 16, 2022 07:38:35 AM Thanks for the time you took to volunteer, Jen. The staff may not have recognised you for your efforts, but I recognise and appreciate you. =)
Anonymous May 13, 2022 03:54:12 PM Friday May 13th, 2023

Water is wet.
The sky is blue.
Furcadia is still dying.
Emerald Flame is still a cunt.

I hope someone who really loves the game can buy it from those pieces of shit. The community deserves better.
Anonymous May 13, 2022 03:55:23 PM Oh, it's still 2022 not 2023. Womp womp.
ZD May 20, 2022 06:06:30 AM Approximately 200 logins left, none of them are currently active.
Anonymous May 20, 2022 07:08:08 PM Weird, when I press F4 I see 530 players online.
G May 21, 2022 01:58:51 PM I know people who are repeatedly harassed by idiots creating throwaway alts. Ignoring them is pointless because new alts just keep coming. Guardians do fuck all about it. Does anyone on the staff team care whatsoever?
ZD June 03, 2022 12:20:58 AM Don't trust the F4 online checker. Furcadia doesn't tell the truth on that.

Currently 160 active logins, none of them doing anything.

The trolls are in league with the Guardians and Beekins. You will be harassed and when you try to stop it you will be banned.

Furcadia has never been an MMORPG, but it is dead. Rightly so.
Anonymous June 30, 2022 08:41:59 PM Furcadia doesn't have to tell the truth about it. We have Dreamnova, who independently verifies the number of online users.

"On the last pass, 512 people were seen of a reported 533. 192 of those seen were AFK. 154 dreams were submitted out of 178 seen."

This means that Furcadia reports 533 users online. Dreamnova saw 512 of them. The small difference is people in dreams Dreamnova is banished from. Please stop these conspiracy theories.
Anonymous July 02, 2022 01:52:22 AM

Currently 160 afk paedophiles sucking the dick of their paedophile overlords, 113 of which are in the Furn main map AFK pit. You're the conspiracy theorist here.
Anonymous June 21, 2023 11:00:41 AM Welp, guess this thread is now dead. Kind of ironic.
Anonymous October 05, 2023 07:04:06 AM Just a random internet user passing by.
I have read this entire thread and I am impressed.
DEP seemingly wasted 250k out of malice or incompetence
Then there is the forums being closed in 2018 due to botting? unsure about that one.
And the myriad of accusation against the staff.
It's a very strange rabbit hole.
I am still impressed that furcadia is still up.
stay safe :)
Anonymous October 31, 2023 07:16:05 AM The forums were closed because Sapphirus kept using exploits to flood the forums with angry, vulgar posts after being banned. The higher-ups decided that they would rather take a crowbar to the games kneecaps rather than appoint one or two forum moderators. It had nothing to do with botting.

I've always been of the opinion that Sapphirus's flooding was a good justification to close down forums that had largely grown disappointed or even hostile to the Furcadia leadership. Cutting that community service off ended the ability to share frustrations overnight, and guaranteed that the owners didn't need to waste any more time moderating or locking the forums.

It's also why I've not been able to post anything looking for old friends of mine for years, on the off chance they ever returned. Thanks for that, guys.
Jach November 03, 2023 09:35:06 AM At least this page will remain up. If the site ever got pwned, I'd just... restore a backup and fix it. :/

I sometimes have wondered if any old RP buddies have visited here. Probably not.
Anonymous December 18, 2023 03:08:22 PM @ Anon October 31, 2023

Well, Sapphirus is dead now irl so I guess they won't have to worry about that.
PeekaBoo July 08, 2024 03:27:43 PM I'm super interested in learning if anyone has got wind of something better. Not gonna pretend I'm some fancy rp player, and I'm not posting annon, I learned of this game long after it's death, being introduced to TGT maybe 3 years ago? Oh and yeah, I'm only interested in the free form rp with only folks over 18. Sorry but I can't be bothered to moderate what I say or do with my character to be PG.

But like, I also dabble in dinosaur games... I promise this is related so hear me out. The drama and BS I've learned about here is actually super prevalent in dino games. It's not designed to be rp but some of the most popular servers are semi-realism. What's that? Dino RP. How? You agree to play your dino less like a human. Aka there's no game mechanic stopping herbivores and carnivores from being friends, or stopping herbivores from going on killing sprees or a large coordinated grotto of friends from killing everything in sight. So oddly the more popular servers have rules encouraging people to behave realistically.

On top of this, the original game to bring out the niche player base and unite them was called the isle. Insert similarly terrible dev team infighting and lining their own pockets while ignoring players. The rage was such that many people decided to make their own games along similar lines. Beasts of Bermuda, Day of Dragons, Path of Titans, and a few more, some branching out to animals or dragons instead of just dinosaurs.

Many of these turn into more interactive versions of what I see in TGT. Many of the names are struggling against dwindling player populations, the strongest of which seems to be Path of Titans when comparing the numbers of active servers.

What I'm suggesting, as well as coming together to discuss legalities and debate what a good and ethical company should do for their player base, regardless of how many people they want to have sex with or live with... (I'm very left-leaning and Poly with a strong stance of encouraging sexual freedom over shame.) The information is just not needed. It doesn't relate to the core issue and isn't pertinent. The core focus is that people have been exploited, there is a strong desire for games or even just virtual chats. (I mean VR Chat doesn't seem to be dying and soon...)

I am interested in suggesting a commonality and the opportunity to gather people together to create an RP worthy game. GTA, ARK and other tripple A games have frequent rp servers that are pretty successful. There is clearly a market for this and people that could bring the concept into a modern light.

It's clear to me Furc died before I joined it. Those keeping it alive are a mix, but admonishing them for RP style choices or wanting to just afk chill is silly to me. Instead recognize them as potential users. There is a desire for story, there is a desire for chill, there's desires for all sorts of story settings. Think about the versatility of we approach it from a dnd standpoint. What if we take all of the pieces people like and do our best to implement them for the most base of user needs. From kids hanging out and shooting each other virtually, to adults designing a complex setting with maps.

Take from minecraft, it's ability to truly redesign your server, for communities to make their own quests and goals. The parts of making your own base that's fun in ARK, but as the ability to BE who or whatever you want and keep the game available for mod access. Encourage the community involvement.

Sounds like a recipe for success. But I'm just an artist, with limited to no experience with this sort of thing. I just know what I do from hosting servers for these open world style games. In summary, I think it looks like ARK gets furries, better code and optimization, maybe a simpler art style- pixel games are still popular! So stardew looks, the adventure and game style of ARK, allowing builds on various map designs for each player your server hosts, and add the character design flexibility of furc or general dnd style games. Opening mod access let's the devs limit the options they are required to provide because people can make their own. Then offer good deals to artists you find on your mod pages. Offer transparency that if you back an artist design for a new creature, maybe they get a percentage of sales? I know that's a lot sometimes, but if I design a foxdragon thing and take the time to 3d model it on the workshop, then devs offer to fund it in that I get like 2% per sale? I'm going to remove it for free and sell it! 2% might not be a lot, but at the very least my paid version would be better than unpaid. And it generates an amount of rollover revenue rather than one time, like kickstarter.

I'm just saying I'd really hope someone takes my idea and makes it real. I know I can't, it's not my skillset. But I'd throw money at someone who did. Or art!
Anonymous July 16, 2024 05:43:31 PM "Sounds like a recipe for success. But I'm just an artist, with limited to no experience with this sort of thing. I just know what I do from hosting servers for these open world style games. In summary, I think it looks like ARK gets furries, better code and optimization, maybe a simpler art style- pixel games are still popular! So stardew looks, the adventure and game style of ARK, allowing builds on various map designs for each player your server hosts, and add the character design flexibility of furc or general dnd style games."

I was working on that but then I got nailed with raonsomware and the project got hosed and I lost any real desire to keep going.
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