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Sephira Su Archives

It's been many months since セフィラ・スゥ retired, but she's not forgotten. This is a good time to re-post some archives that fans have made, and hopefully boost future searchability...

The video above links to this archive which is mostly complete, it's missing member videos. On youtube there's a mostly-complete archive channel here, with videos hidden in playlists, and a playlist of off-channel collabs here. Lastly, there's a complete archive + non-video stuff available as a torrent, here (magnet). There are a few seeds, but if no one is seeding leave a comment here and I'll get a notification.

Posted on 2021-09-28 by Jach

Tags: anime, vtuber


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Anonymous November 28, 2021 02:17:08 PM Thanks for the increased searchability, from the one archive, there was actually a community post where an unnamed fortune teller showed up on someone's channel

Now, if I could find a translation...
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