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Technical Debt is just messiness

It's the time of year for people to share their reframings of technical debt.

Yossi Kreinin has two takes I like, from and respectively.

Much of "technical debt" isn't - it wasn't done to ship quickly at the cost of more work in the future. It was just a shitty job that you're now stuck with, that never helped ship anything quickly. If programmers were plumbers, we'd spill shit all over your room & call it "debt"

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Fixed an embarrassing security bug...

Earlier tonight I started getting some error emails as a result of some requests from who started POSTing to /admin/post/new, which as revealed in my notes is the URL this blog uses when I submit a new post. I knew I had to deal with this immediately because the error message was PHP aborting because of an undefined index in a map -- the bot using that IP wasn't sending the expected new post form parameters.

This is odd to me since the HTML form is part of the response payload and all the needed inputs are in there, including one that the bot did send. That one ended up being the only type="hidden" one, too, which makes it more bizarre. It reminds me of some people filtering requests from dumb bots by setting a hidden input and then setting it to something else with JS, or unsetting it, and catching bots that aren't JS-aware. Apparently many still aren't. The bot also sent some parameters from other forms on the page, like the hidden sitesearch param for the google search box, and the pw param for the login form, with guesses as brilliant as 123456, admin, admin123, and gw44444 (what's that from? too many 4s...) -- with variants gw111111 and gw66666666.

But all that's beside the point, because what is an unauthenticated request doing getting this far into the handler of an admin page, which is supposed to be restricted to admin users (i.e. me)? And after a bit of investigation I found to my horror that a plain curl on that URL would serve the form...

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