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Just thinking how I have a somewhat high tolerance for 'mess', especially if it's of my own making. I don't vacuum that often, for instance. My suitcase from my last trip is still lying half open on the floor of another room with a few random things still in it that I haven't decided on a place for yet. And so on. But if a guest is coming over, I'll try and do a lot of sudden cleaning up and organizing. (When I was renting with college students, we'd have at least an annual inspection by property management that forced us all to clean up a lot.) But since that's rare, things pile up. I have a friend who doesn't even do that much, every time I visit they have dishes piled up in the sink so you can't even wash your hands (never gets that bad here), and other stuff I won't mention. I don't really mind, though the thought of "you live like this?" comes across the mind, and I don't mind never being invited to sleep overnight.

Suggested to him he might want to consider a maid. I've thought about it too, at least to have more frequent bathroom cleanings, but I don't like strangers in the house. Still, this song will always be in my memory:

My mom was pretty good at keeping the house clean. Wish I had inherited that habit. But at least if there's expected company, things will be clean, I think I can credit her that much. She would have been 70 this year.

Posted on 2023-11-12 by Jach

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