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Time to start commentating old posts?

Of course I did it to a really old post I hate to read again (past me could really become angry and judgmental huh), so now I feel like I need to start annotating everything up to say 2014 at least with a sentence or two preamble on whether I still agree overall with the post or not.. it's sort of a prelude to marking everything (including this) as obsolete and putting them on ice and out of the sitemap, and moving forward into a more 'curated' and sectioned style blog (maybe some select things recovered from old posts that weren't terrible) instead of its current timeline form.

Also, I approach my old goal: write a million words then throw them in the trash, you are now ready to write. When you add in enough fudge factors anyway.. so far my script tells me I've written 435,943 words on this blog. When you include some writing sources from elsewhere, then as of two years ago it jumps up to 940k. I don't think I've written 60k words in the last two years but probably getting close. Anyway, when the goal is reached, I can then proceed with the big change. (Rebrand almost?)

It could be a fun exercise revisiting some thoughts of old me I haven't revisited or thought about in a long time. Especially that 2009-2010 era, when I was overly arrogant... (Edit: Nah, it's not time. I'm just too lazy..)

Posted on 2023-02-03 by Jach

Tags: fodder, thought


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