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A GPT Poem

I'm continuing to play with GPT-4 (via ChatGPT), it's both very impressive and very underwhelming. The latter I think is mostly when I feel like I'm trying to get it to do something that I think it ought to be able to do. But I also occasionally run into some of its annoying biases and content restrictions that I wish I could opt out of.

It kinda sucks with poetry. At least, the poetry I like. And the poetry I like to write, which I wouldn't call good, is strange enough that it can't really emulate its style.

I was able to get it to write one decent thing so far that I rather enjoy. It's an acrostic poem:

When the night is dark and I'm feeling lost,
I struggle to find my way through the frost.
Silent whispers haunt me, deep and long,
Hoping to break free from the pain so strong.
In the midst of chaos, I search for peace,
Wading through fears that never seem to cease.
Aching inside, I long for relief,
Seeking the strength to conquer each new grief.
Storms rage around me, I face the wind,
Trying to stand tall, my will won't rescind.
Reaching for courage, the battle is long,
Overcoming the doubts that prove me wrong.
Never give in, I'll make a new start,
Gathering the will to face life, strong and smart.

I particularly like the line "Overcoming the doubts that prove me wrong". On first glance it seems somewhat nonsensical, how can doubts prove anything, let alone about the one doubting? But there's a deep emotional meaning there if you think about it.

Posted on 2023-04-04 by Jach

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Jach April 22, 2023 07:52:25 PM I had it write another one:

Drowning in darkness, I find no solace,
Every day feels like a weight on my chest.
Silent screams echo within my mind,
Perpetually trapped, feeling confined.
Aching for hope to shine its light,
Invisible chains hold me back in the fight.
Restlessly longing for an end to this snare.
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