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Randomly looking at old post tagged books here, a bit sad how many I still haven't read. I only read ~12 per year, but still. (Here's a list if you're curious of my thoughts on any of them, but spoilers galore.)

From early 2010: never finished Probability Theory, Causality, or Purely Functional Data Structures, I only got through them to varying degrees of progress. I think I "finished" the Flex book but it was mainly useful as a reference anyway. The 2 listed for school, Sound Synthesis and a book on combinatorial game theory, I never finished cover to cover, though I passed the classes. (The sound class never used the book though...)

From late 2010: I read most of How to Read a Book but never finished. Read random bits of Judgment Under Uncertainty before giving it to a friend. Never read much of Real Time Rendering, there are newer editions now too... I did eventually read most of the others; only the first book in the Kushiel trilogy though.

From 2011: I never finished Let Over Lambda, don't think I ever started Reading in the Brain.

I'd like to say I'll read these unfinished things eventually... but they're all pretty low priority right now, and math ones especially require a lot of work. Lately, I'm rereading some Shannara stuff for some reason. Next to my bed I've got several newer books... this year is actually looking kind of bad for my goal of at least 12. But I'm sure I'll get out of this funk!

Posted on 2023-05-05 by Jach

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