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It's incredible that ChatGPT isn't laden with ads (yet)

ChatGPT seems to be quite good at product recommendation. Furthermore, it will describe things without the usual SEO spam hype, and you can ask it if it doesn't tell you already to give comparisons in terms of pros/cons and other tradeoffs, interesting requirements many reviewers won't consider like being able to fit a console in a backpack or being such and such height, estimate price ranges...

I used it to help locate and decide on a modestly priced sleeping bag and 1-person tent ($200 total), having tested them I'm a bit iffy on the sleeping bag but mostly because it's a mummy bag and I've never had one of those before; it does actually fit me (I'm pretty tall). Anyway the experience of having it find and recommend 5 different products for me to look at was a lot more pleasant than using google to find an SEO'd site that probably won't give me what I really want.

I've also had it recommend me some backpacks as I think next time I do long international travel I want to try a backpack instead of messenger back to haul around my laptop etc. Problem is it gave me like 3 good options, now it's just a me-issue in paralysis for which one to try.

Anyway, it just seems like a huge money opportunity for OpenAI that is currently being neglected, and it amazes me that in our ad-infested world that can be the case.

Posted on 2023-06-09 by Jach

Tags: artificial intelligence, fodder


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