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Ludum Dare 15

I'm in the process of making a Ludum Dare entry, so it will take up all my time this weekend. I've got a few posts backed up that I'll upload over next week, and hopefully the comments will show up next week as well unless a major catastrophe happens.

In other news, I've been on the Everyman sleep schedule since my final Uberman fail, and it's been much more forgiving. I sleep 4 hours a day instead of 2, and it works around my schedule much nicer.

I have a core-sleep from 4am to 7am, then 20 minute naps at 3pm, 8pm, and 1am. It's kind of nice, because now I get to be a night owl and an early bird. (Yes I consider 7am early.) If I'm not too ashamed by my LD entry I'll make a note of it Sunday.

Posted on 2009-08-29 by Jach

Tags: daily life, programming, pygame, python


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