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About My NaNoWriMo

So it's National Novel Writing Month, and I had a dream during the last week of October that I thought was epic enough to turn into a novella or something for this. I'm not expecting to finish within the month, but if I do finish at all, that will be amazing.

I'm loosely basing it on the world that Minecraft is set in. Check it out! Or check out some videos and see the crazy things people make. It's so addictive... But for the lazy: in Minecraft, everything is a block. In my Mineworld, that's not entirely true; everything is blockish, including the people, but only with tools can people extract and create perfect blocks. Pure nature is blockish on its own, but trying to change it without tools destroys its blockiness. Kind of like how our world is really fractal geometric, and if you use nothing but your feet it's really hard to make something more orderly, but with tools you can make more fractals or Euclidean shapes.

Creepers are everyone's favorite hated Mob from the game. They're immune to sunlight, Creep up on you and explode. They hurt. Skeletons are another type, they shoot arrows, but they aren't immune to sunlight. Zombies are another type, they attack you with their arms. They're usually easy to kill. Spiders are there too, expect a mention of them in the next chapter.

Posted on 2010-11-08 by Jach

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