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Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus

And now for something completely different, a movie review!

Rating: Horrible. Would not watch again, not recommended, etc. etc.

If you go in expecting to see some epic mega shark and giant octopus battles, prepare to be sorely disappointed. Now, were this a movie from, say, the 70s, I'd be a bit more merciful. But this movie is from 2009. The shoddy CGI is inexcusable.

The plot isn't any better. I'd warn with spoilers, but really, don't watch this movie. Unexplained water probe things from the government that make whales suicide into icebergs free ancient mega shark and giant octopus who were in the middle of a battle when they somehow got instantly frozen, the octopus randomly attacks an oil rig, the shark randomly jumps out of the ocean and takes down a passenger flight, the main girl and guy somehow fall in love and after sex have an insight of pheromones, they fail at capturing beasts, then they lure them together to kill each other off.

This movie was totally not worth the time to watch. Check out scenes from Youtube to get an idea of how awful it is.

One last thing: the octopus should have won.

Posted on 2010-02-24 by Jach

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