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Some questions on Star Wars

Warning, spoilers below.

I finally saw the Star Wars movie yesterday. I liked it while watching, and I'd watch it again, though on reflection there are some grievances, or just questions I had while watching or after watching that it'd be nice to have answers for... I'll probably research some after I post this. So break out the pizza rolls, it helps if you read everything below in that voice.

Why are there so many tiny kids in the audience? This is a PG-13 movie. Did their parents not see Episode 3, or are they comfortable with the possibility of their kids seeing on-screen amputation and dead children and flesh-burning? Maybe they just trust Disney is a family friendly company like Nintendo and would never be too violent...

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Some (Updated) Beliefs

Years ago I wrote this, expressing without too much elaboration or reasoning several beliefs of mine in various categories. Needless to say, some have changed, and this gives me an outlet to write a little about what I haven't been writing about. So, following the original categorization (with a few new categories), here are some of my current beliefs. If I don't address an old one, conclude it hasn't really changed. Please keep in mind most of these are "academic level" beliefs and thus I'm not super attached to them, for clarity on that (and maybe some updated beliefs if this post is old) see here.


I stand by my original belief in 2009. The only thing I might add is that I think the rituals employed by religion can be useful, ritual itself is important -- see these.

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