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Japan Trip Part 2: Day log

In the previous post I discussed my initial planning and costs for my two-week trip to Japan that I took last month, this post will just be about my personal notes as I wrote them up on what I did each day as well as some choice pictures. The whole picture gallery can be found here.


I left the morning of the 15th PST from Seattle, had a brief stop in San Francisco, then continued on to Tokyo and arrived on the 16th local time in the afternoon. I made it to the hotel (Hotel Villa Fontaine) around 4:30pm. The main flight was long but not as bad as it could have been, I had just enough leg room and could stand and stretch. The extra leg room upgrade was the correct choice. I managed to avoid using the crapper but it was quite the relief to land and use the first one I found at the airport. ;) I didn't test out the well-known common spray features until I got to the hotel though.

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Japan Trip Part 1: Planning and Costs

Last month I went to Japan for two weeks! Yes, by myself. Leaving on Dec 15th, with the help of an 11 hour flight and timezone changes I arrived on the 16th and stayed until it was time to leave on the 30th. Most of the time was in Tokyo. I had a great time, and kept some notes about what I did most days, so I'm typing them up as well as embedding a few choice pictures. If you want to look at pictures without context, they are here.

For this post I'm going to just write about my travel prep, and leave the details of my time there for my next post. I didn't fully commit myself to going until around November 6th. As such my flight and hotel costs almost certainly could have been lower, but I don't think the whole trip was that expensive. I paid $1358 for the base flight, which went from Seattle -> San Francisco -> Haneda plus about another $170 + $180 + $50 for some leg room extension upgrades on 3 of the 4 flights. At least this seemed to qualify me for 2 free checked bags rather than $50 each as is pretty common. For the international flights, being as tall as I am (about 6'5"), I found this to be a necessity rather than a luxury. There were some additional possible upgrades to what looked like a pod you could fully recline in, something to consider for next time.

So in total, cost of flight was about $1750. With earlier planning, and/or if you're smaller so don't require the extra legroom seats, I'm sure you could find something for half as much. (I actually found some flights around $800 even as late as I was looking but they were multi-stop huge travel time endeavors.)

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