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Blog rewrite notes - supported actions

Last time I wrote about a minor itch to rewrite this blog from PHP to Lisp. I started off discussing the database schema, this time I'll briefly mention a few of the operations the code has around the data.

(Like many websites, ultimately this is just a nicer looking interface to a database.)

Websites can also be modeled as functions mapping routes to responses. This is how my code is structured. Every request (unless whitelisted otherwise) goes through index.php. It uses the first segment of the route, such as /view, to determine a more specific "service" to handle the rest of the route if it can. The services I have are:

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Time for a blog rewrite?

I wrote this blog from scratch over a decade ago. It's still serviceable, and pretty easy to go in and edit stuff or add new things. I still like the little micro-framework I use. The language is PHP.

But a decade has come and gone, and the PHP I liked then is not the PHP in fashion now... My server is running PHP 5.5, but the code is effectively capped at 5.3, and even then uses very little features beyond the basics that PHP 5 added. That is, while other PHP projects I've worked on used things like namespaces (!) and big frameworks (!) like Yii or Symfony, this old blog is just fine with a handful of PHP 5 classes.

So what's got me thinking about a rewrite? I've heard the upgrade from PHP 5 to PHP 7 is relatively painless (my concern without looking at it is that I have to go through the code again to spruce up potential unicode issues, which I last did in 2011...). However even if that's so, and I test it out locally and do the migration work (I don't even have PHP on my gentoo system right now, partly because v5 isn't in mainline portage anymore) then I still have another obstacle: Ubuntu.

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