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Draft - vim Introduction and My Setup

Note: This blog entry is in a draft state and given my laziness likely to stay that way indefinitely.. In particular the "trying to program" bits at the end are just notes of how I want to flesh them out. Maybe I'll write them up at some point -- if I do they'll probably be separate posts and I'll edit this one to link to them.

It seems everyone who uses vim eventually winds up writing something like this... Out of the box, vim (and its long-ago predecessor vi) are very capable for their primary purpose: editing text. But vim has a powerful extension system, making it capable of so much more. In addition, the out of the box stuff is very configurable, so even if you install no new plugins, you can spend a lot of time tweaking the settings to get what you like. As such, this is my vim setup. Your preferences may very well be, and may very well should be, different.

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