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Current favorite quote: "Supposedly smart people are weirdly ignorant of Bayes' Rule." William B Vogt, 2010

Chaos is good?

Americans have no idea what it's like to be "terrorized". It'd be interesting if attacks actually escalated. I realize that the "terrorist" plan has so far worked; that is, getting the US and world economy to suffer, as well as lowering our image and letting our government enslave us. It'd be interesting if more violent attacks toward civilians were around, and even more so if those attackers were white or at least "non-Muslim", since that's what "terrorist" is equated to now...

What would be the common attitude if a heavy Christian conservative assassinated Obama?

In France, the government is fairly afraid of its people, since its people are no strangers to rioting, revolution, and other violent acts. Perhaps were humans less capable of being civilized, I would renounce non-violence as impractical and a waste of time and advocate constant terror on the government: fortunately we're not that horrible. "There have been tyrants and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Always."

Posted on 2010-03-01 by Jach

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