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Obama's Cowardice

What happened to the Obama of the campaign? People have said he's broken their hearts, since he's not living up to expectations. He promised health care, and what we have now has some accomplishments but still needs work, he promised educational reform, that's nowhere in sight (I love how the Senate Republicans got the pathetic gesture of the Pell Grant increase out of the health care bill to stall it), he promised he'd attempt to improve the economy, but while people call him socialist he just gives money to the very banks that contributed significantly to the problem of the economy. Socialist indeed.

He's done some good things, for sure, and he's a better President ethically than Bush. A couple nice things: the FCC is probably going to end up enforcing net neutrality, so Comcast can suck balls, we can do stem cell research again, and (even though he's starting to flounder) his stance on Guantanamo and torture in general is good. But is he unable to multitask at all? Why can't he attack all the problems at once? He's had a full year in office, he's only got until November of 2012 to do more stuff. (I can't really see him getting reelected unless the Repubs throw up someone like Palin or the Democrats in their infinite party-wisdom dictate no one can run against him with the backing of the party.)

He hasn't broken my heart, I've come to expect these sorts of antics. But what's the reason for his actions? Was he like this all along, just another liar and coward in the sea of liars and cowards, using whatever rhetoric and propaganda he could to get votes in the election? Maybe, but I don't really think so. He convinced a lot of intelligent people of his sincerity, and it's really hard to do that without being sincere. If he was that skilled of a manipulator, the Republicans wouldn't have been such a match for him with this latest bill.

The US President is supposedly the most powerful position in the entire world. It makes sense, then, that people would try to control and manipulate whoever occupies that position. Obama was a Harvard professor, making decent money, so I don't think it's as simple as corporations offering him monetary gain like they do other politicians. Or maybe Obama's a lot more greedy than it seems.

No, it may be this simple: Obama has a wife and two young daughters (9 and 12). You think a man with those liabilities isn't going to crumble under pressure? It's not difficult for an average citizen to kill the President, it should be easier to kill his family. It should furthermore be even easier to kill any of them if you're part of the government system yourself or if you have money and power to manipulate those inside. A simple handshake could transmit a poison.

Could it be that simple? It seems like a better explanation than him being cowardly all along. I think he's being manipulated and controlled, and almost anyone else in his situation would do exactly the same thing. Men are weak, especially those who claim to be strong. Obama came in saying he didn't want to play the game, but he's sure playing it. Either he's a liar of extraordinary skill (something that isn't consistent) or he's simply being manipulated. My guess is on the latter, and here's hoping he and the rest of the Democrats (who are still in control) will grow some spines and do what's best for the public they serve.

Posted on 2010-03-27 by Jach

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