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Enjoy it!

Why all the focus on "live life in the moment, 'cause tomorrow you may die!"? Or "Enjoy it while it lasts!"? Why not simply live life, sometimes in the moment, and why not simply enjoy it? Why should something have to end in order for you to appreciate it more?

Of course it's not necessary, and humans have no problem whatsoever with valuing "everlasting" things. I can find some stories about valuing old trees if necessary, but surely everyone can see it?

Life's great, I don't know why people have to use death to justify its greatness. And in the end it just makes us rationalize it all the more when one of our number decreases, some people going so far as to suggest it's a good thing. It boggles my mind.

Sit down for five minutes (seriously, time yourself), and imagine a world without death. You'll probably instantly come up with objections like "Overpopulation! Old stooges staying in power! Without death we can't appreciate life!", but really take the five minutes and just continue to think about it, and afterwards pause and answer the question "Would this world be any better without death at all?" I'm convinced it would be, and I am incapable of putting myself in a different frame of mind.

Posted on 2010-06-23 by Jach

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