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A First Draft Application: Competing Hypotheses

For any who remember my old post about solving modest crime in a non-violent Anarchy society, the solution requires the proper technology app and a culture used to using it in order to create accusations and refutations as well as provide a rational assessment of the evidence, which then allows people to make their own decisions on how to treat a criminal. Strong evidence for armed robbery? Most people will stop dealing with you. (How to keep them from just doing it again, or worse, is slightly answered in Why Disabling?, but in general even armed robbers have to deal with people to get weaponry. I am aware of the bullet holes this has.)

An application originally made for the CIA, now completely open source, steps in to fill part of this need: While it's not a full Bayesian evidence analyzer, it's nevertheless fairly nifty and should help people reason about hypotheses. So here's some free love from me! Go use it, go extend it, tell grandma. :)

Posted on 2010-08-29 by Jach

Tags: Anarchy


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