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What's that shiny thing over there?

Why it's High Level Language Computer Architecture and building an FFP Machine in Verilog! Here to distract me away from databases.

School's winding down, only four weeks left to go. For a final project in a verilog class I'm going to try and implement a FFP machine architecture, and if I have the time make a Scheme to FFP layer since, while FFP is basically just Scheme with <'s and >'s, Scheme is better.

I'll still be reading about the database when I can and hopefully I'll have a couple blog posts up about it by May at latest. At least I'll be able to share the results of the FFP Machine attempt, since my grade depends on it getting at least mostly working! I'll also give a link dump at some point to all the sources I've found that may be interesting to someone else.

Posted on 2011-03-31 by Jach

Tags: programming, school


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