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Delicious baked goods

you need eyes

Why do so many things named after a grandma taste so good? My grandmas cooked delicious meals, did everyone's?

Anyway, this brand of bread and this brand of sugar cookie are the best (that is, my favorite) but previously I could only get a hold of them in Utah. Once I even made use of a Mormon missionary care package website to ship a bunch of the cookies to me out here in Washington. Utah residents know what I'm talking about, especially with the Granny B's pink cookie.

A few months ago my local Safeway started carrying these sugar cookies, much to my delight (and horror, as they tested my resolve to stay on keto, but now that I'm temporarily off keto..). Every other giant sugar cookie I've had out here has been hard and gross, these are soft and delicious, at least as soft as the smaller Lofthouse-type cookies.

Then maybe three weeks ago I decided I wanted to have a peanut butter and jam (preserves) sandwich, since I haven't had one in years, and I had some keto-friendly peanut butter I wanted to get rid of. I used to get whole wheat bread 'since it was healthier' but nowadays I see all bread as unhealthy, so this time I decided to get the whitest, softest bread I could. Unfortunately that turned out to be Wonder Bread. Still good, but not great. Anyway as tends to happen I got myself into a feedback loop of running out of peanut butter and bread but still having jam, so I went to the store to replenish (not before bemoaning to a friend about how unfortunate it is we don't have my favorite white bread out here), and lo and behold, there it was, my favorite Grandma Sycamore's white bread.

So I've been in a feedback loop for a few weeks now, with peanut butter and jam, ham sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches... I love this bread. I'm going to eat it until I'm relatively sick of it and good to not have any for another few months if not a few years.

Do people not have favorite foods anymore? Or even temporary favorites? I like to half-seriously equate "best" with "favorite" a lot, but I can't get many people to tell me their favorite or "the best local" of anything.

Posted on 2017-09-20 by Jach

Tags: daily life, fodder, food


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