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Japan Trip 4 and 5


I went to Japan again a couple more times. But nothing too exciting to report here. The 4th time was indeed primarily for the reason alluded to in the previous post, seeing my favorite idol have her birthday concert. I ended up helping with the preparations, too, which was a fun experience. I had a good time, but I was there for a while, basically from December 4th through January 16th. (Originally Jan 11th but I extended my stay for an extra weekend to see her a few more times... The plane ticket change didn't increase my fare.) So about 6 weeks. I was happy to be going home.

Of course, on the day I flew out, I heard that her group was disbanding with a final graduation event in a month. My friend is funny, he said when I got home, "So I guess you'll be going back soon right? You'll regret it if you don't!" He was right, of course. So I went back.

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