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Went bowling for the first time in a few (more than a few? 2018 or 2019?) years, it's a good hand and finger workout! My best game was only 121, but I've always been happy with anything over 100. I also discovered that I can bowl left handed, possibly even better if I practiced it more.. Did two games left handed, first game I'd say the first 4 frames were just adjusting to the weird feeling, but then that was over and my aim was a lot better. Second game choked at the end but ended with a 99, a lot of well aimed throws. Got robbed a turkey by one pin that didn't go down~

I used a 10 pound ball, I think I would have gotten more strikes if I had an 11 or 12 pounder instead. But I'd need to train my muscles or grip strength more for it I think. In the past I remember using 8 or 9 pound balls though. I don't remember what I used most when I took an online bowling class -- it required something like 6 games per week for a few weeks, it was a short class I took to substitute a PE credit.

I'd like to learn to hook the ball next. I tried several times based on vague recollections from the class on how to do it, but failed. Apparently it's harder if you use the alley balls. This seems like a promising video to try and follow next time.

Posted on 2023-11-14 by Jach

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