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I love caffeine!!!

Caffeine makes me gogogogogogogogogo.

But I didn't take enough yesterday and had a caffeine crash, destroying 13 hours of potentially productive work...

I ran out of caffeine tablets which sucks. Getting caffeine from other sources is not only less efficient (only 30-50mg per soda? not enough!), but also more pricey and worse for the teeth.

Finals are next week, and Ludum Dare 16 is this weekend! My last game wasn't that great, and I don't know if I'll have time to do a game let alone a decent one this time around. We'll see.

What was I writing about... ah yes, Caffeine. I'm out (of all sources), so I should go to a store sometime... The link I gave at the top is about how much caffeine tablets cost ($6-$10), for 100 200mg-per-tablet tablets. That's 20,000mg of caffeine! Much more than you can get for that cost in soda or coffee.

[math]C_8 H_{10} N_{4} O_{2} = caffeine[/math]

Ahhh how I love it... No, I'm not addicted. One, it's impossible: it's not an addictive substance. Two, I've easily gone months without the thing. Also, the start of this was kind of hyperbole-ing. Caffeine is more of a stabilizer for me; it lets me keep at rested-pace throughout the day. I haven't had it make me energized since I was a kid, so I suspect I've just built up a resistance for its effects.

Posted on 2009-12-09 by Jach

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