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Yay Free Traffic

So I refreshed my stats the other night after getting a stream of comments.


Hmm, I wonder where that surge of traffic came from?


Aha! And guess what, my site is linked to 9 times in the forum post all these visitors came from! That's some nice free crawling traffic for me. 'Cause you see, that's how web crawlers work: they boost a site's popularity if they came to it from another popular site. And that site's the forum of a cult, so it's pretty popular!

Anyway, to the visitors coming directly from that site: hi! You're welcome to stay but realize I'm probably not going to like you like I wouldn't like a pushy Jehovah's Witness, so you'd be wasting your time looking at a nobody's site. :) I know your views, too, so you'd also be wasting your time trying to convince me of the stupid ones, and you'd really be wasting your time trying to convince me of the reasons I should believe what I already believe or some of your stupid beliefs.

Posted on 2009-12-14 by Jach

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