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Quick CouchDB Fun

I'm a fan of the command line, so when I found out I could just use curl to mess with CouchDB instead of Futon I was happy. If you want to create a new document with views under some database, you can do this:

curl -d @t.json -u un:pw -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X PUT

This will take the contents of the file t.json (which is below) and send them off to CouchDB. It will create a new document called "rar" under the "sw" database. Here is t.json:


"views": {
"shipped4": {
"map": "function(doc) { if ( doc.order_line_item[15].PRODUCTNAME == '1936 Chrysler Airflow') emit(doc._id, {ProductName: doc.order_line_item[15].PRODUCTNAME} ); }"

I find it's much easier to use a json file for my data instead of trying to specify it directly on the command line. Because if you do the command line route, you have to use $'{etc.}' and make sure you backslash-escape your single quotes. Anyway, you can then read the data the map function produces with:

curl -u un:pw

Pretty easy, right?

Posted on 2011-04-18 by Jach

Tags: couchdb, curl, databases, programming


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